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By: Sip Of Water  09-12-2011

Intro to Tarot page 219-:

Clear Quartz:  brings clarity

Dark Stones:  such as smoky quartz crystal or obsidian can keep you centred if you become dizzy or flighty while doing a tarot reading

Rose Quartz:  helps to open your heart for compassion

Amethyst:  crystal aids in opening the third eye to develop clear psychic vision.  If you use just one stone, amethyst may be the best choice overall.

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First 3 chakra’s are based on real-world, this is where we start to spiral higher into the more spiritual realms of our being. Free-flowing energy that acknowledges all people and situations as deserving love and compassion. Chakra that vibrational frequencies start to change – become lighter, finer, higher. Caring and compassion and introduces realm of transcendences and spirituality.