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By: Sink-no-bob  09-12-2011
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Different Styles for Different Kickstands

We have several different styles to choose from depending on the type of motorcycle and kickstand that it is equipped with.

We offer both Light  Duty and Heavy Duty for most models dependant on the weight of the bike. The Light Duty styles are recomended for bikes of 600cc and smaller while the Heavy Duty are for heavier and larger displacement motorcycles and also recomended for the harsher and less friendly duties of dirt use.

All styles come complete with hardware to attach them to the kickstands. Most come with your choice of either stainless steel hose clamps or super heavy duty black nylon tie straps. Harley Davidson models have a very unique footprint and method of deployment where the kickstand swings out rather than down. Also because of their unique squaw tab/boot kick they come only with nylon tie straps. The nylon tie straps are a much cleaner, and easier installation, and do look more trick. We suggest you keep an eye on them though as we have found that constant exposure to the sun and elements will cause them to deteriorate and possibly break.( At least that is our experience here in the desert Southwest.)

We suggest that after about 12-14 months of use you inspect, or just replace them. We also offer additional small stainless steel hose clamps and nylon ties on our order page.  


  One of the real benefits of a genuine Sink-No-Bob is that should it come into contact with an immovable object while the bike is moving it will just flex out of the way and spring right back into position as the bike clears it. This is VERY important on dirtbikes, dual sport/adventure, and other motorcycles with low clearance such as Harley Davidson's and cruisers.

  Of special interest is that should the Sink-No-Bob come into contact or even lay against a pipe while in the stowed position it will not melt, burn, or stink.


  We primarily use Paypal but will also accept Money Order, Cashier's Checks, and Personal Checks. Personal Check orders will be shipped as soon as the check clears our bank. Add $1.00 S&H for each additional SNB shipped out on multiple purchase orders.


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Keywords: bike