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By: Simply Woman  09-12-2011

There are , colored polish spread on your nails, tuna eaten from a tin can, , and non-stick cookware that contains a perfluorinated chemical that causes cancer in rats. Your microwave, your food covered in plastic wrap or in plastic bowls, your water bottles are transported to grocery stores in trucks that get very hot or very cold causing the toxins to leak into the water. You’ve got your carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, even the plastic casings around the computer and television contain flame retardants, which (sure..slow the spread of fire but) emit polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) into your air. And that’s just in your home!

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I had gained nearly 80 pounds during my first pregnancy in 1995, but had not lost it all before my second pregnancy in 1996, was written after I’d lost all my extra weight, dealt with much of my childhood pain, and faced my unjustified shame. However, within a year or two, I realized that I couldn’t wait any longer; I had left my daughters’ father to become my “own woman”—to pursue my own dream and to have my own voice.