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By: Similkameen  09-12-2011

Subscriber Pricing Options

Package Bandwidth  (mpbs) * Traffic GB/mo Web Space Monthly Charge Install Charge
Standard up to*   1.5 ** 10 3 10 $34.95 $55.00
Power User up to*   2.5 15 5 20 $44.95 $55.00
Small Business up to*   2.5 30 10 20 $74.95 $125.00
Business Server up to*   4.0 50 15 20 $149.95 $125.00
  • Prices include the subscriber equipment to connect the network to your computer. Customers will not own the subscriber equipment and must return the equipment when service is terminated. All packages require a $100 refundable deposit
    • Prices are based on a minimum 1 year contract
    • Additional upload / download gigabytes of traffic above monthly allowance will be billed at $10 / GB.

    * Bandwidth refers to the capacity  - uplink and downlink - of the connection from your computer into our network. The actual speed and capacity of traffic to another site will vary depending on the amount of traffic and congestion on the global Internet and other factors.

    ** Bandwidth for customers that have a clear line if sight to our antenna. If your home is in an area where trees will block your signal, we have specialized equipment that may allow you to connect, but the bandwidth will be somewhat lower - nominally 0.5 mbps.

    Note re VOIP Service: Some of our subscribers have indicated an interest in using the network for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which uses the Internet to make telephone calls. VOIP is a useful service that can save money on telephone calls, but it is not recommended as a complete replacement for regular telephone service because internet congestion, power outages, or system downtime could leave you without VOIP service or with poor quality telephone service. China Creek Internet can not guarantee 100% availability for VOIP service."

    The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011