Silverstone Matchmaker

By: Silverstone Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: transplant, matchmaker, Transplant Surgery

Silverstone Matchmaker was created to move organ recipients off the waiting list; off dialysis and, ultimately, to help save lives. The critical shortage of living organ transplants is dramatically improved through the use of Matchmaker by providing doctors and clinicians the ability to rapidly and accurately build sophisticated cross-matching tables for paired donations from a varying set of recipient and donor clinical records. These cross-matching tables enable transplant professionals to rapidly find and analyze potential organ donations by mixing and matching a varying pool of potential donors with recipients in order to provide the best possible placement of compatible organs with recipients that are in need

"Matchmaker is an amazing marriage of state-of-the-art transplant surgery and software technology that both matches incompatible pairs and does so in a way that minimizes the work that the transplant center needs to do to reach this goal."
- Steven Katznelson, M.D
Medical Director, CPMC Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program

Developed with the diverse needs of clinics in mind, Matchmaker seeks to present all relevant cross-matching data analysis in a general purpose way so that it can be easily integrated into the transplant work-flow regardless of the infrastructure implemented by the clinic. As the major feature areas of Matchmaker are explored below, it should be apparent how this leading-edge product addresses many of the myriad problems encountered by any clinic interested in expanding into a full-service, paired donation program. Matchmaker will serve as a highly valuable addition by helping to address the serious needs that face the tens-of-thousands of organ transplant candidates currently on the wait list.

Provides a drill-down capability that presents a more concise method for reviewing targeted pair information on a recipient-by-recipient basis. On-the-fly “snapshot” HTML files can be archived to maintain an audit trail of decisions for historical review.

Enterprise-ready software created by software professionals based on extensive feedback from practicing nephrologists and through direct personal experience.

Keywords: matchmaker, Organ Transplant, transplant, Transplant Surgery