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By: Silver Souk  09-12-2011

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Aaaaahhhhh… land of the Red Rocks and blue, sunny skies… land of turquoise and silver… land of Navajo, Apache, and Zuni Nations with their stunning designs and rich culture.  It was every step worth the epic drive from rainy Vancouver, BC!  Sedona – the capital of New Age in North America, I think, for better or for worse! You can have your aura read, get massaged next to rushing rivers, ogle an endless array of crystals from the four corners of the Earth, and tour Energy Vortexes! Definitely a land of such exquisite beauty lifts the spirit and conjures magic  – land sacred to Natives and newcomers alike. And the souks of Sedona  themselves are amazing, endless, varied, colourful… almost overwhelmingly so… did I say ENDLESS? It would take months to visit every gallery, shop, artist, and market in the area!

Affordable? Not so much for that gorgeous Southwest silver! Native-made jewellery runs more like fine art: you can collect certain artists, turquoise from certain mines, old pieces, new pieces… and real turquoise from the SouthWest is becoming rarer… and the prices more dear.  There is also imported turquoise from China and Iran, and even ‘faux’ turquoise so cleverly formed that even experts have a hard time distinguishing between that and the real thing. If you are buying a piece of turquoise jewellery as an investment (as well as to wear), you have to do your research and be careful! There are unscrupulous dealers out there! If you are buying a piece that just looks great, then there are less expensive options….in my next post (come back soon now…) I’ll show some gorgeous necklaces that are inexpensive, Arizona-artist made ( non-Native) and with imported turquoise or dyed stones called howlite. And some will be for sale!  But this time around, some photos of other treasures…

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This is an ‘investment’ piece which can be handed down the generations – not mere jewellery but a work of art. Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet from the Morenci Mine in Arizona.


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While the term ‘Miao is generally accepted by the tribes within the Chinese border, to call related tribes in SouthEast Asia by that name is considered a grave insult. These bangles come as a pair and are made of metal alloy and feature “Miao”, or “Hmong” design. In actuality there are many sub-tribes, all with different names for themselves. The term “Miao” means ‘weed, or sprout’, while “Hmong” means ‘free people’.


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Many Kutchi pieces take advantage of the luminosity of glass in their jewellery. This lovely cuff features red glass.