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By: Silver Creek Press  09-12-2011

  • Review by CEO

    I read with great interest, loved the content of the information and was so interested in implementation that we did hire Paula to conduct a employee survey within our organization get our results ...Paula then presented the information to our board and management team!!!! It was great...and we still use it today (Posted on 5/24/11)

  • Review by Roxanna

    This book was informative and a soild bases on which to review our organizational needs!!! After reading it at our management level we hired Paula to conduct a more detailed anyalais on our organization which had amazing results !!!! (Posted on 5/24/11)

  • Review by Roxanna Spruyt Rocks

    This book was a great addition to Paula's work, after reviewing and reading it in our organization, we were able to have Paula do a comphensive study on our organization which we are still working with !!!! it was a great product (Posted on 5/24/11)

  • Review by Pixie

    This book was so informative and easy to read. It helped me to better understand the differences in each generation. We have a very diverse group of people in our workplace and this helped to muddle through the dialogue that might work. I was able to put it to immediate use. (Posted on 5/23/11)

  • Review by Boss

    This is an excellent depiction of the genertional issues in the workplace. It has helped me gain a better understanding and develop strategies to assist me with the varying geneational differences. (Posted on 5/19/11)

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