SSC: Products and Services

By: Silicon Standard  09-12-2011

The focus of Silicon Standard’s businesses is reflected in our expansive line of products and services that center around “customer’s efficiency”. Silicon Standard businesses all share one important trait in common: each harnesses the power of imagination to make life more energy-efficient for our customers and their consumers all around the world.

Other products and services from Silicon Standard


SSC: Manufacturing

We specialize in fast service and have come through for companies who needed emergency service time and time again. Silicon Standard can manufacture a single prototype or we can manufacture 10's of thousands of units. Silicon Standard can seamlessly take a product from prototype stage to production volume. Silicon Standard also has facilities in Asia for high volume production. System Level testing, forward and backward compatibility.


SSC: Custom Cable Assemblies

You have designed your electronic schematics, sourced most of your components, designed your mechanical enclosure and are ready to build the prototypes. We can design your cable, give you the mechanical drawing or we can build a small or large volume. You can pay through the nose, or you can come to us.


SSC: Engineering Service Group

Whether it's designing a circuit board, manufacturing small or large batches, or repairing returned merchandise, Silicon Standard can do it on schedule, with superior quality at a significant cost savings. We specialize in providing highest quality, dedicated engineering and manufacturing services in the industrial, computer, automotive industry.


SSC: Hardware Engineering

With the finished product we will supply you with detailed documentation to assure an easy revision process and trouble free fabrication of the product. All related documentation of PCB including Gerbers, bill of materials with approved suppliers, component placement files, assembly drawing. Silicon Standard can design a circuit board or finished product, we will communicate with you every step of the way.


Energy Optimization Group Products and Services

Design - After conferring with customer’s design team, Silicon Standard designers will analyze needs and consult with our engineers on an initial design review. We have deep expertise in all battery chemistries to meet customer’s requirements of size, shape, weight, power and budget specifications. Silicon Standard is dedicated to designing the most perfect portable energy source for each customer’s unique requirements.