By: Silde  09-12-2011
Keywords: Microdermabrasion, acne treatment, Skin Tightening


Micro-dermabrasion propels natural corundum crystals onto the surface of the skin, gently resurfacing the epidermal outer layers. It has a suction system that works together with the crystals and helps to remove impurities from the deep dermal layer and by stimulates the lymphatic system. Micro-dermabrasion stimulates collagen to reveal smoother, fresher, firmer skin, is one of the most complete peeling, and a highly effective treatment for:

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Uneven and granular skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Blackheads and comedones
  • Superficial scars
  • Some stretch marks

Microdermabrasion and active ingredients

Microdermabrasion complete with cleansing facial

Microdermabrasion and acne treatment

Microdermabrasion and collagen treatment

Micro-dermabrasion and compu-lift machine

Micro-dermabrasion and compu-lift treatment

Micro-dermabrasion and laser treatments

Packages of four six micro-dermabrasion and four to six laser treatments should be combined for superb results

Micro-dermabrasion and skin tightening

Micro-dermabrasion and acne treatment

Micro-dermabrasion and photo-rejuvenation

Keywords: acne treatment, Microdermabrasion, Micro-dermabrasion, Skin Tightening, stretch marks

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