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By: Siker Medical  09-12-2011

Welcome to the services section of our website. We have designed our website with you, our customer in mind. For your convenience, Siker Medical offers users three different means to access our services and locate information on this site. At any time, you may navigate to another page or return to the previous page in an easy fashion.

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Other products and services from Siker Medical


MRA of the Abdomen - Siker Medical

MRA of the Abdomen is important for patients suspected of having abdominal aortic aneurysms, patients with high blood pressure, and questions of insufficient blood flow to the GI tract claudication. In short, MRA of the Abdomen is a relatively quick, extremely accurate noninvasive test, to get a close look at the arteries in your abdomen. 75% narrowing and 50% to 75% narrowing of the origins of the dual left renal artery supply respectively.


MR Spectroscopy - Siker Medical

MR spectroscopy can also detect pathologies that are invisible to traditional MRI imagine, even at 3T, because metabolic abnormalities often precede structural changes. This is important for treatment planning, including whether it could be followed, removed surgically, or might respond well to radiation treatment, instead of surgery.


Services By Modality - MRI Imaging

MRI is a diagnostic procedure that uses a combination of a large magnet, radio frequencies, and a computer to produce detailed, three-dimensional images of organs and structures within the body. Because MRI doesn’t use radiation, it can be a safer alternative to those patients with kidney problems. At Siker Medical Imaging, we utilize the Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio MRI scanner with Tim Technology.


fMRI - Functional MRI (Brain Mapping

There are now a number functional techniques that do a variety of different tasks, such as measuring regional blood flow over time, or perhaps tell us something about the biochemistry of tissue such as a tumor in a specified location in the brain. Functional MRI allows us to take a patient through a set of tasks or stimulus, (finger tapping, audio, visual, smell), and then see which part of the brain is activated.