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By: Signy Wilson  09-12-2011

Are you a highly motivated, high achieving, productive woman approaching burnout if you continue on with the life you currently lead?  Have you lost, yet crave, the enjoyment that comes from spending time in the feminine qualities of creativity, nurturing and collaboration?  If this is describes you, then you’re about to meet the program that can transform your life.

If you are ready to change your life and not look back, then my 6-month and 9-month VIP coaching package is for you.  During this time, we’ll work together to craft and create your bigger game, and transform your life into actions that really matter and make a difference to you.

Here’s what will make you the ideal candidate for this life-changing transformation, if you are:

  • On fire with life
  • Motivated to tackle tough issues and commit to actually making changes
  • Ready to get into ACTION… NOW!
  • Honest with yourself about what is really going on, and ready to let someone else in to see the real you, warts and all
  • Willing to hear the truth – spoken with compassion, but still spoken out loud
  • Ready to take responsibility for yourself and your life
  • Open to using your sense of humour to help get you through the uncomfortable moments.

Just in case you’re still questioning whether or not this program is for you, download my 20 Questions worksheet.  If you answer “yes” to more than three questions, then I’d love to help you move from a busy life to a meaningful life.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 45-minute telephone coaching sessions each month
  • Me! I’ll keep you committed to your primary goals with heart and laser focus
  • Specific homework to insure that each week you’re taking the correct steps to moving forward
  • A Discovery Package to identify the key concerns and where to direct our attention
  • My 21-Day Challenge that will kick start your life altering transformation
  • A monthly recording specific to your progress that will keep you focused on moving towards your ideal life

You can either sign up for the 6-month or 9-month package.  The 6-month package is designed to get you out of the madness and on your way toward the future you dream of.

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Mentor Coaching - Signy Wilson

Through the compassion, truth, vitality and humour you bring to your work and personal life, you prompted me to dig deep and declare what I want for myself in life. Each coach in training will receive an individual Discovery Session followed by six months of two 45-minute sessions per month with your buddy. You and a buddy can each receive top notch coaching while feeding off of each other.