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By: Sign Warehouse  09-12-2011
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"Hello SW: Just bought a Bobcat cutter and so far it has performed very well. I would like to give special thanks to Randy Hollingsworth who took time to get met he right equipment and Crystal Williams of tech support who helped me understand the features and operation of the cutter.
It only takes me a few minutes to determine if people really want to help of if they just don't care when dealing with customers. Randy and Crystal both wanted to help me get up and running in order to do a swap meet show and they did. These two people are an asset to your business and to the customers they serve."


"Just wanted to let you all know how great my recent experience has been with you. I am one day away from the grand opening of my first business Outspoken T-shirts and Decals. My fiancee and I have been working on this for some time now. To be quite honest it would probably not have happened if not for one of your reps, Cindy Blanton. Cindy was the first person I talked to about my business. She was so happy to walk me through every step of the way. When I hopped into this I had no clue what I needed or how to even attain this information. Cindy went above and beyond a sales rep. She has called my every day to see how progress is going. When things got rough in the beginning I was going to stop this whole idea and Cindy helped me find a solution to get back on track. She has been such a great person to work with. I look forward to ordering more and more from her as my business grows. If all of your reps are as caring and helpful as Cindy I commend you on the success of your company. Thank you!"


"Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, and it is people like you that take the time to help people with problems.
Thank you so much for your help. You and your coworkers at SignWarehouse are so fantastic at resolving issues long before they become problems. I have never worked with such fantastic people before I stared doing business with SignWarehouse. Thank you."


"Dear Denise: I appreciate your help with all my purchases and my recent plotter problem. What you suggested worked great. I also appreciate the customer service that I have experienced with and will recommend you guys in the future. It is very rare to find great service within an entire company. Thank you!"


"It is a welcome change to be able to do business with a vendor that is as caring and conscientious as all of you at
We especially want to thank the people we have contact with the most, Ms. Laura Marshall, and Ms. Tiffany Smith. They both have gone beyond the extra mile to help s and make sure our orders are complete and sent out in a timely manner. It's very seldom any business receives this kind of treatment, (quite a number of vendors should take note) and it is very much appreciated. They treat us as their only customer and make us very special.
We haven't had any problems with the equipment we purchased from you, haven't really had problems from your tech staff, and the supplies we order and receive are all first rate. Even though we can buy the supplies here in Houston, we prefer to order from you since your service stands out head and shoulders above nearly all of the other vendors.
Thank you Ms. Laura and Ms. Tiffany, and also all the people behind the scenes that make sure our orders are correct and sent out in a timely manner. We would be very hard pressed to consider any other source for our supplies."

Stephen, Carmen, & Stephanie

"Earlier this year I purchased a 62" Mutoh Digital Printer, and last month my husband and I took a trip to Denison, Texas for training classes. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Ron Adams our tech. I spoke with him on the phone many times before and as always he was very helpful and patient. Everyone there was friendly and ready to help. So thank you again and I look forward to continue doing business with you in the future."


"Stephanie: The swish on the side of the car is fluorescent red and all other graphics are holographic and fantasy crystal. If you see it outside in the sun it makes your eyes hurt! Thanks for all your help! You're a sweetheart and fun
to do business with."



"After having to fold-up my old business because of illness I wondered if I would ever be able to really get going again. Well to that I have to thank all the wonderful people at When I saw their sweepstakes promo I thought "Yea right, like I would ever win." When they called and said, "I won." I thought, "Is this for real?" then when Taffy called and asked when I wanted it shipped I thought, "Where's the catch?"
I tried to figure out just what all was involved in getting the laser engraver up and going once in got here. Big mistake. Because when I went to order some items I thought I needed Alene told me, "That isn't what you need right now. You need only these items and not all that stuff."
Before the Accuris arrived Alene told me that has a training class for people who purchase a laser engraver. Well, just how much is this class? Her reply was, "How does FREE sound? All you have to do is set up a time and we will train you on the accuris." To them there was no difference in winning and purchasing. Then I thought that if I was going to find out were the catch was the training class would be it. Usually when you go to training workshops they turn out not to be workshops or training. Instead the training is, "Let me show and help you fill you the order form." Well my training at headquarters was first class (Jason was great and knows his stuff). I was taught everything from how to take the Accuris out of the shipping crate to going home with some items I actually engraved.
When the REAL hands-on one-on-one training class was over Alene comes into the training room with a big smile and asks, "Was it everything I told you it would be? Didn't I tell you it would be worth your time?" YES! YES!! YES!!! And now here comes the catch. My salesperson said, "We are so glad you came. When you get back home and get things going and see what you will need, call me."
Well, I called Alene yesterday. She said, "I'm quite sure the item you are ordering is what you need. How about letting me double check with our support team and I will call you right back." She shortly called back and reported, "That is what you need to use and I have a better price for you." If you do not deal with you need to ask yourself, "WHY?"
Thank you for all your kindness"


"I've been dealing with web sites, tech support, software and hardware companies for years, and SignWarehouse is outstanding in their communication with the customer. I love the fact that you personally handle my account. The online help with its videos and technical support is awesome as well. I tried to purchase locally, it took them two days to call me back and they lost the sale to you because of it. Great job, thanks!"

Miles Van Y.

"I have ordered from your company a few times in the past and I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how great my last order was.
I placed the order on Wednesday and it came Friday - fastest shipping time yet!
I opened the box expecting to make a mess with the usual popcorn packing material, but I was very happy to find air bags instead.
Thank you for the great service!"

Trevor J.

"I just wanted to write a note to you to let you know what a valuable asset you have in Michelle. I have been in sales most of my working life, and only recently has this "hobby" of sign making really begun to take off for me. As a result of this, I very quickly needed to upgrade to a larger faster machine for a huge sign job I just accepted.
Michelle was instrumental in making this happen for me in more than a timely manner. In fact, my new machine is due next week, about a week sooner than I will need it to start this job! This will not only give me time to work out bugs in setting it up, but boost my productivity on other jobs. I cannot thank you enough for this! She also is prompt at answering the phone and emails, and if she's not available when I call, calls right back! That's virtually unheard of anymore! :)
In this business, most of the suppliers are out of state and really only shoppable online. Michelle brings your company to that next level. I felt like I was a professional sign shop when I worked with her and that's important for both my confidence as I grow this business, and your company's public perception. I will be sure to mention the superior service I received to everyone I know in the trade. There are many small guys like me that are coming up in this rapidly expanding business, and they would love to know there's someone out there that cares, even about us "little guys". Thanks!
If you have any sort of recognition or award program, I respectfully request that you consider Michelle Callahan as part of it.
I thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation!"

Chris D.

"I just wanted to thank SignWarehouse for continued excellence in customer support, and for providing quality equipment and supplies at cost effective prices.
When starting my business early last year, I purchased a plotter, from a wholesaler, who told me it was state-of-the-art. It didn't take long to realize that this was not true. So after practically giving it away, I discovered SignWarehouse. I was delighted to find the Panther series plotter, which has been the backbone of my company, to be EXACTLY what I needed! It's made with the sign make in mind, with menus and functions WE understand. Not only that, but within days of its arrival to my shop in West Palm Beach, Florida, your tech Chris, called to ask if everything was working alright. Simply OUTSTANDING service after the sale! I will continue to use SignWarehouse for my supplies and future equipment purchases because they know how to treat their customers."

John T.

"I actually have no problem at all! I was on your web site ordering some vinyl and just wanted to tell you guys how I've been using my Lynx 24 for the past year and a half. My wife and I are graduate students at the University of Arizona in the School of Art. We work in a ton of different mediums and frequently incorporate our vinyl cutter into our work. We have used the cutter to make stick on stencils for acid etching intaglio plates, as a pattern for patinas on cast bronze sculpture, as an exact pattern for plasma cutting steel. I've picked up odd jobs (and much needed cash) for all of the above from other students, professors, and art galleries that need signs for show openings. It has been a fantastic tool in our art making.
My most recent piece of art was show in Sydney, Australia for the International Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition on Bondi Beach. It was a memorial to all of the victims of water related deaths in the past year, namely the Tsunami victims and the victims of many hurricanes. My wife and I are originally from Alabama and we had many friends and family affected by the storms. Of course I used the vinyl cutter in the assembly of the piece! It made patterns for the plasma cut steel and I acid etched words into the surface using the vinyl as a resist. I just wanted to thank SignWarehouse for providing excellent equipment and support to make it possible for us to win a spot in this year's exhibition. If you would like pictures of the piece and us at work I will gladly email them to you!
Thanks again!"

Alan and Kristin S.

"We at UCR would like to thank you ( for your time and for allowing Jason Beck with to come out and help figure out our problems that we were having with our machines. Mr. Beck was very knowledgeable and very efficient in fixing our problems. It was such a relief to know that it was a problem with the machines and not something that we were doing wrong, and that is more than willing to fix and replace parts for any equipment problems we have. We really appreciate all the patience that has had with us at UCR Graphics. We look forward to future business with"

Rhonda M.

"Just wanted to drop you folks a line about what a diamond you have in an employee such as Jeanie Slaughter! She has an exceptional personality and is a joy to have as our account representative! She is knowledgeable, personable, and a real asset to us. We think of her as our third partner in our business. If it wasn't for her we would still be crawling along at a snail's pace. One of the things we like the most is that she makes us feel like a part of the family!
Thank you so much for your timely orders, response time to our questions and general helpful attitude. We appreciate you!"

Rick and Randy

"I have purchased just about all of my equipment, vinyl and supplies from They have had every order on my door step by the next business day which has been amazing; even my Vinyl Express Q75 plotter package. I had a technical problem on a Friday and they took all the time needed to walk me through it and then called me on Monday to make sure everything was still ok. You guys have earned my loyalty."

Robert P.

"Thanks so much for your quick reply. We appreciate everything you all do. Have a great week."


"I know I am not the only one but I'll let my feelings be known about I started dealing with them in 2000 and have had nothing but the best service from them.. in equipment sales, supplies, and tech support. I buy almost exclusively from them and if something is back ordered I'd rather wait than deal with someone else. I even consider my sales rep a friend. We all get sour grapes now and then and mistakes are made but I won't let that change my relationship with a good supplies company. Just my 2 cents."

Linda S.

Chuck B.

"After 13 years with Cracker Barrel I have had to set up depot maintenance accounts for Epson, Citizen and HP. A very difficult process for each one. My pinnacle lasers were plug and play, and question or problem, technical support is second to none. You can actually talk to a real live person for help for software or hardware issues and hang up feeling that they do care about you and your business. SignWarehouse wants your business to grow, as happy customers usually are repeat customers. So easy to use my wife left her job with CB to engrave, now she is an expert with Photo Engrave. She is now considered to be a professional as she makes $60 an hour, and is $1.00 every 60 seconds of laser time. I will be buying my third laser early next year from SignWarehouse."

Shay S., Sr.

"Well, I have been a customer for three years and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you. I found you during the "dot-com bubble." You have not only survived, you have prospered. I credit this to your competitive pricing and excellent service. I will be contacting you on our next equipment purchase."

Brenne J.

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Keywords: Customer Service, Cutter, engraver

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