By: Sigma Compressor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Compressors, Screw Compressors

Saving Energy with ADA and KESS

At Sigma Compressor we have Kaeser’s ADA and KESS at our disposal to get to grips with the costs of generating and using this versatile energy medium. Once a precise air demand analysis (ADA) has been carried out, the KAESER energy saving system (KESS) is brought into play to arrive at a tailor-made solution of highest efficiency.

Reducing Energy Costs

Depending on utilization, the cost of electric power can be up to 80 percent of the total costs of compressed air generation, so it is worthwhile making every effort to reduce the power consumption of compressors and peripherals. The energy-saving potential of many air supply systems is as high as 30 percent. As well as modern compressor engineering such as rotors with the energy-efficient SIGMA PROFILE, for example, the master controller can realize up to two thirds of this potential.

Air Demand Analysis – ADA

In order to obtain convincing data for optimization of compressed air systems, KAESER developed the computer-aided Air Demand Analysis, or ADA, for short. From the resulting profiles of air consumption, the KAESER Energy Saving System (KESS) can find the best system solution for every application
KAESER Energy Saving System – KESS

KESS allows the data acquired with ADA to be processed for the design of a modern air system matched to the production facility concerned. A comparison of the economics of different design options ensures that the most efficient result with regard to operation and energy consumption is found.
Individual Solutions

Based on the ADA air demand profile and the KESS evaluation, Kaeser’s engineers decide in each individual case whether a combination of conventional and variable speed controlled machines or a splitting concept with standard rotary screw compressors should be given priority. Why not have your air supplies individually designed by KAESER to suit your facility. Kaiser’s comprehensive production range ensures that the right and most economic installation is found to meet each application


Based on modern information technology, has an enormous advantage. It can control up to 16 compressors by communicating with their internal SIGMA controllers via a data bus to coordinate their load/idle performance and ensure optimum energy efficiency. SIGMA AIR MANAGER's pressure band control can reduce system pressure by up to two bar, representing a 14 percent reduction in power consumption. A lower maximum pressure also means less air leaks

Keywords: Compressors, Screw Compressors