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By: Dr Mark Lauderdale MD FRCPC
Do you experience anxiety, frustration or stress when communicating with people in the workplace or at home?

Do you wish that you could be more assertive and confident when dealing with people, especially difficult people?

Perhaps you are a manager or human resource person dealing with lack of cooperation, poor teamwork, complaints, workplace stress or conflict or an employee frustrated by bullying, harassment or verbal abuse.

Maybe you are dealing with rejection, backstabbing, gossip or office politics or in a relationship where there is poor communication, controlling behavior or disrespectfulness.

If you are like many of the people I help in my office, you probably wish that you could positively influence people and gain their cooperation and support.

But the truth is that people often fail to get positive results when dealing with people, especially in stressful situations.

The problem is that dealing with people effectively is often personally difficult and emotionally challenging. People and interpersonal issues OFTEN trigger negative emotions in us such as anxiety, frustration and stress. And it’s even worse if you find it hard to be assertive.

People, especially difficult people, are really good at PUSHING OUR BUTTONS!

Unfortunately, when your stress emotions are triggered, you may…

  • lose your temper with the difficult person,
  • simmer in frustration within yourself,
  • become irritable with people you care about,
  • stew or stress about your situation,
  • lose sleep, which makes you even more irritable,
  • try to avoid the person,
  • become embroiled in a conflict with them,
  • become preoccupied and less productive,
  • make bad decisions and poor choices.

Your Recipe For Success

In order to help my patients, I decided to see what would happen if I blended together as many personal empowerment methodsandsuccess strategiesas possible for dealing with people assertively.

I worked for over 5 years through 58 revisions to develop an assertiveness training system that would consistently generate strength and confidence when dealing with people. After years of research, experimentation and fine-tuning, I created a step-by-step process that would allow anyone to gain the master controls for confidence and assertiveness when dealing with people, even difficult people!…

Because this “recipe for success with people” has been so successful with clients in my office, I decided to share with you the exact step-by-step formula to rapidly tap into your personal power, turn on your problem-solving ability and confidently create RESULTS YOU WANT with people!

Therapistscounselorscoaches and human resource administrators will likely find this very useful in helping others as well.

Gain the confidence and assertiveness you need to influence people and create positive results with the Shrink in a Box assertiveness training system.

Learn the secrets of achieving powerful positive results with people by learning how to be assertive,

Eliminate your anxiety, frustration and stress when dealing with people…even the most difficult people… and gain the cooperation, respect and results you want,

Learn how to powerfully and positively influence your employees, boss, coworkers, family members and others with this new assertiveness training personal success system!

The various strategies incorporated into the process include goal setting, hypnosis techniques, mental rehearsal, motivational techniques, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), stress management techniques, affirmations and several other personal success and interpersonal strategies.

I blended these powerful techniques together into a unique step-by-step CD program called ‘Shrink in a Box’.

Not only did it help ME deal with my life challenges easier, but when I used it in my office, my clients LOVED the rapid results!

I now use the Shrink in a Box CDs  in my office every day to help people deal with ALL KINDS of difficult people and interpersonal issues with confidence and assertiveness.

People find that positive changes happen in their lives FAR more rapidly than with other approaches.

The Secret That Will Change the Way
You Deal with People… FOREVER!

Many times we actually cause things to happen that we DON’T want simply because the idea was born out of fear or frustration or out of limiting beliefs that we took on somewhere along the way.

Shrink in a Box helps you shift your inner reality FIRST into the perceptions, beliefs and confidence that will lead to success with people (well actually, success with ANYTHING).

Once you accomplish this, things will start to change in your life, not only because of your conscious purposeful actions, but also AUTOMATICALLY as a result of your new unconscious attitudes.

With the negative emotions out of the way, you’ll then be free to see EXACTLY how you’re going to deal with SPECIFIC situations and achieve SPECIFIC goals with people.

The end result will be assertiveness and confidence because you’ll know deep inside of you that you’ll be able to handle any situation well.

Just think about the NEXT time you’re dealing with a difficult situation… Do you think you’ll be more successful if you’re feeling anxious and stressed? …or strong and confident?

The answer is kind of OBVIOUS isn’t it?

But, if you just TRY to be assertive… it won’t work!
And if you just act on someone’s advice… it won’t work!

She Actually ENJOYED Being
Assertive With Her Employee!

Before… Jill was the manager of a hair salon and spa who was worrying for weeks about how to confront an employee regarding some inappropriate behavior at work. She didn’t quite know how to bring up the issue and was concerned that the person might get upset or even quit.

After using my strategies… Jill remarked, “Using this method really helped me work through the problem without any stress. I feel strong and confident!” and she went on to easily obtain her employee’s agreement to make the changes she wanted – during a casual conversation over lunch. A big confrontation never even took place!
— Jill Neil, Manager

Thank you! The visualization exercises have been incredibly helpful. I’m at a placement at a methodone clinic, just beginning doing counseling with clients. I’ve been extremely anxious and your program has helped me stay with the feelings and picture how I would like sessions to go, instead of my usual behavior of completely avoiding thinking about the sessions. They’ve helped me get unstuck, be more assertive and start learning. Whenever I find myself thinking obsessive negative thoughts, I pop in one of the cds. Thanks again.
- Jesse Alvonse, Counselor

Investing in Your Interpersonal Skills is VALUABLE!

Unfortunately, personal coaching or counseling or seminars to help you change your anxiety or stress reactions and enhance your assertiveness are expensive.

A single teleseminar can cost you $100, while a live assertiveness training course might run $500 to $1000 or more!

A professional coach or counselor may cost from $50 to $200 per HOUR to over several weeks or even months to help you become more assertive.

If I took you on as an individual client and met with you once a week for just 6 weeks at my normal rate of $200 per hour, it would cost you a whopping $1200!

But I’ll let you in on a secret…

For my clients who want to be more confident in handling stressful situations and more assertive in dealing with people, I actually use the Shrink in a Box CDs in my office (and my waiting list is 6 months long at this moment!).

But it’s also not a good idea to procrastinate in building your confidence and learning to be more assertive because ANXIETY, ANGER and STRESS are EXPENSIVE emotions.

Lack of confidence and unassertiveness with interpersonal issues will cause you to DO things that you regret later! They waste your time and they rob you of your happiness – through careless mistakes, useless conflicts, unproductive discussions, poor results, lack of focus, ineffective communication and relationship problems.

For Purchasing the Shrink in a Box Program,
You will Receive the Following Bonus

FREE Special Reports!

This Series of 5 Special Reports, “Powerful Principles for Personal Success”, will teach you how to stay on track to achieve the ongoing personal success you want at home and at work.

Once you start to understand how to use these techniques better, it’s important to be able to set and achieve your goals effectively.

VALUE: $49.75…

You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to be totally satisfied with ‘Shrink in a Box’ so let me remove ALL doubt from your mind.

You’ll receive a FULL REFUND and you can keep the bonuses just for trying the program. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

Place Your 100% Secure Order Below and Start Turning Your Stress into Personal Success!

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