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By: Shopify Concierge  09-12-2011

customers who use the search box on e-commerce sites convert at nearly three times the rate of general browsers

source: MarketingSherpa

Searchify is a Shopify Application that enhances searching on your store. Type in a word in your search box and product suggestions will appear based on the title, description, variants, collections etc.

Free for less than 25 products.

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Personified (Product Personalization) | Add-On

Personified allows you to capture additional product attributes on Shopify product pages and carry them through checkout as part of an order. The Personified theme - a Shopify theme that demonstrates integration with the various liquid templates. Every product page in Shopify has a form that is used to add a variant to the cart. Please choose the "+ Installation" option and we'll add it to your store for you1.


Vanity Shopify Theme | Shopify Themes

We have incorporated our experience working with dozens of Shopify store owners to make this theme easy to customize and maintain. Built in support for CSS3 rounded corner buttons that automatically match your color scheme. Uses jQuery Tools for slideshow, overlay, tooltips and tabs. Color settings are available for every aspect of the theme. Use either a logo image or shop name in the header.


Knock on Wood Shopify Theme | Shopify Themes

Knock on Wood is a premium Shopify theme featuring a clean look with good typography. Change the images and colors using the theme settings form.