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By: Shepherd's Grain  09-12-2011
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Each type of our flour lines utilizes the same varieties of wheat for milling throughout the year and from one crop to the next for a very consistent baking quality. This is achieved because protein quality is developed through natural breeding of those varieties and protein quality is directly related to baking quality. We invite you to find the many ways these flours can create uniqueness to your finished baked goods.

SG low-gluten is an All Purpose flour that works in sheeted dough and formed dough products. This flour comes from our hard red winter wheat production and has a wide variety of uses. Our flavor profile remains constant to give you greater customer satisfaction.

"Shepherd's Grain Low Gluten flour was a perfect match for our existing recipes using standard commodity all-purpose flour. We did not have to reformulate at all! We're also very pleased to be connected with the economic and environmental sustainability associated with the Shepherd's Grain group..thanks Fred and Karl!"

- David Saulnier of Cougar Mountain Cookies

Shepherd’s Grain hi-gluten flour is a premium quality flour from a blend of varieties of Dark Northern Spring wheat. Even though this flour has very strong gluten strength it is very forgiving and has a high workability in your dough. The flavor profile is unique and has been referred to as a “sweet wheat flavor”. This is an excellent flour for products requiring high gluten strength such as bagels and artisan breads.

Shepherd’s Grain whole wheat flour is milled from the same wheat comprising our high-gluten flour. The traditional strong or bitter flavor of whole wheat flour is simply not there but replaced with our distinctive sweet flavor. We are happy to have this line of flour available to give you a complete line of flours for all your baking needs.

We were so pleased with the results of our switch to Shepherd's Grain Whole Wheat Flour that we have changed all our flour varieties to Shepherd's Grain. Not only do we have a superior product, but we are part of an exciting movement that benefits the Pacific Northwest in many different ways-economically, environmentally, and personally. We love being able to see which farm produced each bag of flour and our customers love having that connection as well.

- Janis Resler of Hoffman's Fine Pastries

This cake flour coming from Soft White Winter wheat contains the low ash and low protein you expect in a cake flour. Its primary use is for cupcakes and other cake products.

"I’m honored to be in partnership with Shepherd’s Grain. Not only is their product amazingly delicious, but it’s sustainable too, which is in keeping with our mission to support local products for a 66% local cupcake (a tough challenge with sugar, cocoa and vanilla all coming from the equator!) We pay the “real price” for flour – which is a bit more than commodity price, but we know that Fred, Karl and company grow and harvest our wheat (flour) and we can help them make a decent living too—an amazing feat in a commodity market! As well, no-till farming saves the earth, dollars go back into our local economy to help build economic vitality, and the carbon footprint is much less than commodity flour. It’s win, win, win!"

- Jody Hall of Cupcake Royale

This mix combines the great formula of the Shepherd’s Grain Pizza Mix and adds over 50% Shepherd’s Grain Whole Wheat Flour. Another great flavor product combined with the addition of fiber for your dietary needs.

This mix was developed at the ADM mix plant in Cheney, Washington utilizing nine different formulations finding the best blend that brought out the flavor and workability of Shepherd’s Grain hi-gluten flour.

Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour comes from the traditional soft white wheat grown in the Pacific Northwest.

“The Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour was extremely easy to use. It produced delicate tender results making it the perfect choice for our pies and other bakery items."

- Marlene Gunderson of Willamette Valley Fruit

Keywords: Flour, Grain, Wheat