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By: Shelfplus  09-12-2011
Keywords: Storage, Productivity, Storage Systems

The Moveable Rack technical brochure covers the following:
  • Benefits
  • System Operation
  • Safety Feature
  • Design & Capacity
  • Specifications

Movable Rack Benefits

  • Space Savings
  • Multiple Aisle High Throughput Systems
  • RF Controlled via Forklifts
  • Minimize Travel
  • Safety
  • Low Profile Track System

Mobilized Industrial Storage for Better Productivity

Static industrial shelving wastes as much as 64% of available industrial storage space. Mobilized storage systems eliminate this costly waste to deliver an immediate boost to productivity. Simply take your existing warehouse racks and place them on ShelfPlus’ carriages and rails system, easily turning warehouse storage into an efficient mobile storage system. Mobilized industrial storage benefits manufacturing, distribution and warehouse storage facilities by offering more racking and shelving units in the same amount of space. That’s because mobilized aisles easily open and close to provide quick, safe and full access to all key materials. In fact, you’ll gain up to 100% more value-generating floor and workspace under the same roof simply by placing your existing static industrial storage or warehouse storage racks on our ActivRAC mobilized system.

Mobilized storage solutions :

  • Increase storage
  • Increase revenue
  • Minimize unnecessary motion
  • More efficiently organize critical materials and put them at employees’ fingertips

Increase storage space for essential materials such as dies or tooling in zoned work areas to boost overall capacity and output. Even under mezzanines, ActivRAC systems solve storage challenges. ShelfPlus develops mobilized storage systems that address the unique industrial storage and space problems faced by manufacturers. Our innovative mobilized system boosts productivity by allowing manufacturers to easily convert multiple aisles of static storage racks into a compact, single moving aisle that easily opens and closes to afford access.

Industrial Shelving Mobilized to be Fast & Efficient

Storage aisles can be easily opened and accessed as you’re moving towards them, so you can quickly pick an item and turn around. Mobile systems are also simple, fast and unobtrusive to install, and they can handle materials of various sizes and weights. Our ActivRAC line of mobilized industrial shelving systems feature:

  • Motorized systems feature RF remote control, as well as a battery backup unit – to open aisles in the event of a power outage
  • 8,000 to 30,000 lbs maximum load per rack or multiple sections of warehouse racks
  • Flexible designs that meet the most demanding industrial requirements
  • Safest, most reliable and easiest to use systems available
  • Most models install on existing floors (top mount or recessed rails)

All ActivRAC systems are custom engineered to accommodate each customer’s unique environment and specific space needs. Industry-renowned support is provided by handpicked, highly trained, industry-specific distributors.

Mobilized Rolling Racks for Manufacturing and Warehouse Storage

Designed specifically for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments, ActivRAC systems enable manufacturers to mobilize their warehouse racks to store more material in less space and better organize and locate materials. The result is improved operational efficiency and bottom-line returns.

Easy to Install and Durable

ActivRAC carriage systems mobilize materials while allowing complete access and productive logistic solutions. Our ActivRAC mobile systems are also simple, fast and unobtrusive to install, and they can handle materials of various sizes and weights. Designed specifically for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments, ActivRAC systems enable efficiencies and improved productivity that static warehouse storage racks cannot deliver. The ActivRAC system can mobilize any existing industrial storage rack to free up value-added space. Except for the most extreme loads, it can typically be installed on an existing concrete slab without the need for a second concrete pour or the addition of structural footings. Savvy process engineers choose ActivRAC to:

  • Increase storage capacity up to 100% without adding more square footage
  • Free up as much as 50% of existing storage space for revenue-generating or other value-add activities
  • Centralize storage to better control and organize raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods and essential support materials
  • Decentralize storage to strategically store and organize key supplies and materials closer to employees to reduce unnecessary motion and enhance safety

Movable Rack Safety Features

  • Visual inspection of the aisle for presence of personnel.
  • Must reset the controls before further operation either manually via the keypad or via handheld remote within 6 feet of the keypad.
  • Horn & Beacon Light are enabled upon movement of the system.
  • Aisle entry sensor trips and stops system upon entering a CLOSING aisle (note that operator may enter an aisle opening and moving away from operator)
  • Photo sweep sensor will trip and stop system from closing if it senses the presence of any object (i.e., foot, box, etc…).

Keywords: Productivity, Storage, Storage Systems

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