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By: Shanti Tea  09-12-2011
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Oolong teas are more oxidized than green teas but less than black teas. This creates a sweeter and more delicate tea than you may expect from black tea. Oolong teas are generally infused without milk, although milk may be added to soften the taste. Most, however, enjoy the naturally floral notes of many oolong teas and choose to drink it straight. Contact us for a more customized selection.

Oolongs are best steeped at around 75ºC (light oolongs)  to 85ºC (dark oolong).  Steeping times for oolong tea should not exceed 4:00 minutes.  Oolongs yield excellent multiple infusions, and often times the second infusion is better than the first. Dark oolongs are often rinsed in hot water prior to the first infusion, in order to eliminate the initial very strong and smoky flavor. Personally, we enjoy this characteristic of the dark oolongs, but for those who do not, a quick 30 second rinse in hot water will tame the flavor.

Oolongs are a great introduction to tea for those who are new to it. As they represent a wide range of flavors, not green, not black, but in between, oolongs help to expose the new tea drinker to a wide assortment of possibilities, and keeps them coming back for more. If you have a new tea drinker in your cafe, ask them if they prefer a light tea or a dark tea. For light teas, suggest an Iron Goddess (Tie Kuan Yin). For dark teas, go for the Se Chung or Wuyi Rock oolongs. You’ll see their eyes light up at the first sip.

Keywords: Black Teas, Green Teas, Tea

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In a restaurant or cafe setting, the main things to keep in mind is that the green tea must be able to be removed form the cup or tea pot after the first infusion and placed in a saucer or container so that the leaves can be re-used for a second and third infusion.


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White teas usually do not undergo any processing whatsoever, and apart from being dried, are the closest one usually gets to steeping the leaves right off the tea plant. In the past they were only consumed by the royal families of China, as white tea is only harvested for 2 to 3 weeks during the year and the supply was always limited.


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Black tea is more oxidized, stronger in flavor, and contains more caffeine than the other tea varieties. Black tea is also known as Crimson Tea because of the reddish color of its infusion. Milk takes away the bitterness of black tea and transforms the flavor of the tea. The steeping time depends on whether or not you enjoy milk in your black tea.