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At SERT Systems, we specialize in the Refurbishment, Installation, Process Qualification, Service, and Warranty of every system that we provide.  When the customer comes to us with a specification or desired model of system, we locate that system onsite at our warehouse or through our extensive partner network of Equipment Suppliers.  Additional services include Equipment Installation, System Performance Appraisals prior to purchase, Service Contracts, Training, Parts Repair, and System Upgrades.

Complete system Refurbishment, Installation, Process Qualification, and Warranty.  Semiconductor Systems that are being purchased, or even currently in a Fabrication Facility and just need to be serviced, can be sent to our 3000 square foot cleanroom for complete refurbishment and service.  Refurbishment extends the life and reliability of critical systems and ensures years of extended production capability.

SERT Systems can take any Semiconductor System that you currently have in stock or considering for purchase and install it in your facility.  Our Field Service Engineers will work closely with your Facility and Maintenance Personnel to ensure that the system is installed to Original Equipment Manufacturer's specifications, Start-up is performed, and the system is Qualified.

A growing need at many customer sites is the need for Extended Service Contracts once the Semiconductor System is installed and in production.  SERT Systems currently offer a wide array of Service Contracts both onsite or offsite, and with or without parts coverage.  Each Service Contract is tailored to the customer's specific needs.

The SERT Systems' Training Department offers a wide array of training topics for each system that we service and repair.  Topics such as Operations and Maintenance, Electronics, Preventative Maintenance, and Process Characteristics are just some of the items that we can instruct at your facility or onsite at SERT.

SERT Systems' Engineers can repair and refurbish most parts that have failed or worn on covered Semiconductor Systems.  Each part is thoroughly tested and evaluated before receiving a warranty and returned to the customer.  Repair costs for many of these legacy parts is normally lower than purchasing new.


At SERT Systems, let us help you design an upgrade that can enhance your systems operation and reliability. We can take most equipment upgrade ideas and turn them into a reality.


Keywords: Refurbishment, service contracts

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The company’s legacy CVD and PVD products are used to deposit extremely thin films of insulating and conductive materials that are used to create integrated circuits. SERT Supports and Refurbishes these Novellus Systems.