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By: Serenity Now Gifts & Services  09-12-2011

We offer a variety of fun and educational workshops. Currently, we run the following workshops either here at the Serenity Now Gifts & Services studio, at Cherry Valley South in Newmarket, Cherry Valley North in Thorton and The Hedge Witch in Sharon (all in Ontario).

Workshops vary in length and those that run more than two hours will include snacks. Those that run four hours or more will include a meal.

  • Learn the principles of zone and colour therapy.

    We will cover the ten body zones, the glands that they correspond to, and how to perform zone therapy on yourself to break down crystalline deposits that choke and block nerve endings.

    We will also learn the basics of colour therapy, and how to use colour and emotion therapy, in combination with zone therapy to give yourself an all-body treatment using pressure points on the feet.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • Our goal for this workshop is to connect or reconnect you with your angels. Working with the angelic realm is infinitely rewarding and profoundly inspiring. Everyone should allow himself or herself the opportunity to team up with the angels.

    Our goal for the session is to teach you about angels, help you clear any blocks you might have, remove any cords that you might have, and teach you how to connect with your angels to receive their messages and guidance.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • W e will cover recognizing signs from the angels, angel numbers, angel colours and crystals for use in healing, and angelic protection. We will also do a chakra test to see what the current status is of your chakra system.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • Learn about manifesting with the angels. The angels can help us manifest whatever we desire for our health, wealth, relationships and careers.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • This workshop will teach you some angel facts, 7 steps to open your 3rd eye, and how to do angel readings for yourself or others using Oracle cards.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • A fully interactive workshop, which teaches the attendees how to open up the third eye and enhance natural intuitive abilities using the work of Dr. Samuel Sagan. If you have always wanted to learn practical ways to develop your own natural abilities, then start by awakening your third eye.

    The following basics will be covered:

    • Why it is important to develop the third eye
    • The basics of developing awareness and keeping it simple
    • Connecting the larynx to the process of the opening the third eye
    • Opening practice (six phases) that you can practice on your own at home
    • Basic protection techniques from Dr. Sagan

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • A fully interactive workshop, which teaches the attendees how to open up the third eye and enhance natural intuitive abilities using the work of Dr. Doreen Virtue. If you have always wanted to learn practical ways to develop your own natural abilities, then start by awakening your third eye. The following basics will be covered:

    • The most common blocks to having an open third eye
    • Exercises to remove blocks
    • The connection between the third eye and the occipital lobe, and why creating and maintaining this connection is important
    • The seven steps to opening the third eye and connecting it to the occipital lobe
    • Diet and the third eye
    • Basic protection techniques from Dr. Virtue

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • Who are the fairies? Do they really exist? How can you attract them to your garden, and how can you get them to help you with your concerns, from gardening to life purpose?

    Fairies are the creator's nature angels, and they will help not only your garden flourish, but your personal life as well. You just need to learn how to attract them, earn their respect, and ask for their help. This workshop will teach you just that, and includes a special meditation to connect with the nature spirits and the fairies.

    Handouts and tea/water provided

  • This is a full day of connecting and working with the angels. Learn about the different kinds of angels, how to connect to them, how to work with them, and how they can help guide you in finding your life purpose.

    This interactive workshop will show you how to work with Oracle cards to give readings for yourself or others, and which archangel to call on when you need healing or protection.

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • Have you experienced any of the following lately:

    • Feeling down
    • Struggling with your weight, or cravings for alcohol, sweets, tobacco or anything else that is habit forming
    • Feeling like a victim
    • Feeling Spacey
    • Difficulty focusing
    • Accident-prone
    • Procrastination

    Any of the above can be a sign that you have attachments to people, either living or passed, that have retained a toxic connection, or cord. Cords can form from any relationship that contains neediness in it.

    Are you involved in the following:

    • You work in a prison or in the correctional system
    • You work in the health care industry
    • You are a light worker or holistic practitioner, or hold any position that deals with people who are not completely healthy
    • You have personal relationships that feel draining
    • You work with people who are negative
    • You have personal or work relationships that you would classify as "toxic"
    • You are exposed to antiques, cemeteries or locations with paranormal activity

    Any of the above circumstances could leave you vulnerable to lower vibrational energies that can cause cords or entity attachments to form.  The longer a cord is left attached, the bigger it gets, and the more draining it is to you.

    In this workshop, we will teach you how to recognize and remove toxic cords and entity attachments, so that you can do this for yourself at anytime.  We will then show you how to shield and protect yourself when you are in a highly toxic environment, such as entering the hospital for surgery.  The release of cords or attachments can have a profound effect on your life. 


    • Reduction or elimination of cravings
    • Lightened mood and feelings of freedom and joy
    • Increased energy and motivation

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • This workshop will cover the following topics:

    • Who are the fairies?
    • Why would you want to work with them?
    • How to sense fairy presence
    • Protection
    • Manifesting with the fairies
    • Healing with the fairies
    • The fairies and animals
    • Fairies and gardening
    • Meditations and interactive exercises

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • This workshop continues from Fairies Workshop I and will cover the following topics:

    • Children and the Fairies
    • School, studying and the fairies
    • Nature spirits
    • Flower fairies and other elementals
    • The elements and elementals
    • Connecting with the fairies
    • Meditations

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

  • This workshop continues from Fairies Workshop II and will cover the following topics:

    • Seven steps to opening the third eye
    • How the elementals influence you
    • Creating an alter for the elementals
    • Facts about the fairies
    • Meditations

    Handouts and tea/water provided.

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