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By: Seo Extent  09-12-2011
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Search engine optimization is all about analysis of your site and thereby making required improvements by affordable seo practices, so that it becomes possible for search engines to index and rank it. From ranking very high in Google to good in yahoo and excellent in Bing, the result can vary. Which search engine best ranking will take place is unpredictable, as search engines work in different ways. We at SEO extent can provide you the best

. Search engine consist of cluster of components, which may include indexing, web spider and algorithm. When there are certain or prescribed changes in websites, index is helpful in storing database, updates occur and is able to retrieve the websites when the users enter keyword. Web spider’s function is to collect the web page URL's lists, store them and index the keyword.

If crawlers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are able to identify all the hyperlinks in the pages, it is our duty to check and can make addition of them to the list of URL’s to visit and provide cheap seo services. Equal importance is given to the architecture and programming of the website and to the content, which reflects the category your website, belongs too. These are important factors because pages have to be readable and accessible for these software agents. For search engines, there are some codes, which are as hard to read, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we can help you by providing affordable seo.

To index a fraction of the web, Search engines can take a long time, usually measured in weeks or months. To those directories, submission is done where not only Google but also your friends (even competitors) can feed on. to get website into first search result pages and not only refreshing content regularly but also building back links to keep it there, a lot of patience, regular monitoring and modification is required by our cheap seo services.

In the top search results of relevant keywords, it is with the search engines that a website is made to be ranked. It will help in bringing the traffic, build a standardized reputation, create and attract targeted customers to your website and it will provide you with various business opportunities by making use of affordable seo services.

Link Building Services

Analysis, Research and Consulting
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

Our On Page SEO services

  • Original and Attractive Title
  • Attractive Description
  • H1 / H2 tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Content Fixing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Static Sitemap
  • xhtml/w3c Validation
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Page Size and Load Time
  • Canonical Issue Fixing
  • MOD Rewrite
  • Duplicate Content Fixing
  • Broken Link and 404
  • IP location
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Central
  • XML RSS Feeds
  • Spider Friendly Navigation
  • Source Code Optimization
  • Pod Casting

Our OFF Page SEO services

Directory Submission
Directory submission is a good way to build link popularity and plays an important feature of off- page optimization for your site which will help your web site rank higher in the search engines.

Article Submission
Otherwise known as Article Marketing is a brilliant technique for quality articles are a valuable resource to the visitors and are instrumental in generating high quality back-links. It helps in branding yourself and your business. for advertising products and services, it is a very powerful medium.

Blog Submission
In the modern Internet landscape, Blogging is one of the most popular methods of content development and viral marketing.your search engine rankings will be boosted by a good Blog, help in optimizing your website, build your back links, help prospects to discover you, enhance your relationships with existing clients and, referral source and give you credibility as an authority in your field.

Forum Posting
Forums are online communities. to target a segment that matches the demographic profile you are looking for, this is where forums come into picture, which gives an interesting dimension. by demonstrating to members of the forum about your competence, participating in forums assists in building a reputation for your business. and makes a positive impression on them with your capabilities.

Social Bookmarking
Also known as Web 2.0 is marketing to quickly and easily ''tag'' web pages for users, by bookmarking them for themselves, leaving useful notes for other users to come across and sharing them through centralized services. Tags generated Over time vast collections of these users’ are gathered together, and anyone making use of the social bookmarking services can search anytime.

Video Submission
The various SEO services being provided by companies, Video submission is increasingly becoming a vital part. it is becoming more and more popular to include video submission to the marketing –mix, along with other popular

marketing processes like, press release, blog submission and Article submission. for visitors, Videos are proving to be a strong source of attraction and entertainment as watching video is quite more convenient than reading a press release or article. Video marketing is here to stay

Classified Submission
Online classifieds have become a medium of communication among the internet users, in today’s modern, sophisticated and fast world. On one end it is convenient and cost effective and more importantly on the other hand it is

informative. On the internet, the online classified websites have occupied one among the top ranking sites due to its vast popularity among the users. For a full Page Advertisement or classified ad posting, we have a huge database of quality sites. to your website, this posting is devoted for you on an entire web page. This web page is also on a website where people are looking for your services. So, you get traffic, rankings and revenues.

Prese Release
The most powerful forms of marketing and advertising available online is the Press Release Services and targeted Press Release Distribution. the visibility of your website, drive relevant traffic to your site and create a brand name is the major objective of a Press Release.

Google Map Creation
I am sure that your customers would find it useful to see a location map, if your website promote a shop, or business premises where you sell your services or products. If they can see at a glance where you are and also get directions

whilst on the same web page, they may be more likely to visit you. in a specific geographical location, Google Maps can be used by potential customers to search for a business.

Clipmark Posting

Clipmarks allows users to save a web page by clippings. Including bookmarking, blogging and RSS syndication, it offers a number of features for the users. based on the Democratic editorial principles, the Clipmarks site is operated.

with other people, users can share the web page so that they can see it too. to submit a post to their blog, Clipmarks allow users to do the same. Wordpress, Blogger, and Typepad are some of the Wordpress, Blogger, and Typepad.

Pod Casting
over the Internet an audio program in a compressed digital format, delivered via an RSS feed to a subscriber and designed for playback on computers or portable digital audio players, such as the iPod; To deliver (audio) via an RSS feed over the internet to a subscriber.

Reciprocal Link Exchange (If Client Need)
To gain higher ranking in major search engines, Reciprocal link is a link-building method which involves exchange of hyperlinks between two websites. In the past years , as the search engine algorithm considered itessential, reciprocal linking became important. Properly done, reciprocal linking has value.

When you go for link exchange with a website, the following guidelines are to be kept in mind.

Search Engine Submission
A webmaster submits a web site directly to a search engine is known as Search engine submission. to promote a web site, Search Engine Submission is often seen as a way.

Rss Feed Submission
RSS is an XML-based format for content distribution and it is an acronym for Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication. Webmasters create an RSS file containing descriptions and headlines of specific information. the long term uses of RSS are broad, while the majority of RSS feeds currently contain news headlines or breaking information.

Social Networking
To the rapidly changing ways of the Internet,  Social networking services are proof as to how people are using the internet to exchange ideas and information. Social networking services allow users to manage, build and represent

their social networks online. Social networking services allow you to advertise your product or services to thousands of people, make online friends and in the process gather relevant backlinks for your website. twitter, my space, facebook marketing , Stumble upon, Digg, delicious, Mixx, Metacafe etc.are some of the popular Social net working sites.

Blog Commenting
Same key phrases are used in your blog post which means that more instances of the keyword on the page and therefore you are more likely to be found for that key phrase. key phrases that you didn’t use in your blog post will also use related key phrases that will result in your blog post being found for key phrases that you didn’t target.

Yahoo Answer
Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site launched by Yahoo! on July 5, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.

Wikipedia Page Creation
Wikipedia ( ) is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

Google Base Submission
is a platform for Google base submission system whereby you can directly load items or categorize specific content which can then be searched on Google maps, Froogle and Google. You can upload your product feeds and make

them easy to find on Google Product Search. Allow shoppers to easily find your site using Google Product Search or and Drive traffic to your site and increase your sales.

News letter Submission

RSS Feed Submission

Three Way Link Exchange

Document Submission

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

  • Pre SEO Report
  • Link Building Report
  • Link Popularity Report
  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Traffic Report

Keywords: Cheap Seo Services, search engine, Seo, Seo Services