Senvoy: Technology Resoources

By: Senvoy  09-12-2011

When our owner, Jerry Brazie, went looking for a new operating system three years ago after it became quite clear we'd outgrown our old one, we ran into the same story across the country. Upon describing his vision for what we wanted to make our company most effective for our customers, the overwhelming response from every vendor was either, “You don’t need that!” or “Why would you need that?!”

Clearly, they just didn’t get it. We persevered…and finally found a vendor who, while they didn’t quite work outside the box, they at least let us get our own hands on the box! Our I.T. Guru, Chann Becker, broke it open, shook it up, and recreated it to match Jerry’s vision.

Now, when we see a problem, or the potential for making systems work better, technology is on our side. This has proven very effective time and again, in helping us address customer needs, offer more than our competition, and in helping us grow.

Three years ago, walking into our dispatch office, you would have seen 3-4 dispatchers. Each one working with four phones, talking to multiple drivers at once. This is important to know because the average dispatcher in this environment is only dispatching at an 80% accuracy rate by two o’clock in the afternoon. After six or seven hours dispatching, a dispatcher grows tired and stressed in this environment. Not only does this custom designed environment free them from dispatching in this way, resulting in greater accuracy and on-time percentage, we are also able to do it with half as many dispatchers as an average courier company would use. This allows us to keep prices low while offering a much higher level of customer service.

Taking our technology advances a step further, Senvoy I.T. has designed and developed the Opti-Route System™.

The biggest challenge for our route vendors has always been how to fit all of the on-call mail stops we give them each day into their existing time-sensitive, pre-scheduled routes. Always challenging, often frustrating, this task is the single most time-killing factor for their businesses. The human brain is just not programmed to reconfigure efficient routes on the fly. The frustration it can cause often burns out the best of drivers. How could we eliminate that frustration and increase superior customer service?

Senvoy Opti-Route™! Our new system launched in April, 2010, and has proven most effective. Opti-Route™ takes the thought process out of the routing. For the vendors who choose to take advantage of this system, they simply scan each of their packages and envelopes, electronically accepting them as "on-board" and Opti-Route™ takes over, automatically aligning all of the orders into the most efficient route possible - while also taking into account specific pre-scheduled route stops that must be made at set times.

We’ve seen routes run faster with greater driver efficiency, fuel savings, and most of all, HAPPIER CUSTOMERS!

Other products and services from Senvoy


Senvoy: Customer Support

We provide 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customer service support, on-line account access with real time tracking and the latest in “artificial intelligent” dispatching to ensure the correct handling of our customers’ orders. The operations and customer service functions at Senvoy are supported by a seasoned, professional management team that has been together since the company began in 1998.


Senvoy's Many Services

Senvoy has expanded and developed its interconnecting service systems to allow us to handle work for a wide variety of specialized industries with specific service needs and requirements. Senvoy provides a vast array of delivery, logistics, warehousing and material management services to a diverse range of clients across the Pacific Northwest and around the country.


Senvoy: Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services Division can provide product distribution to individual local addresses across our Pacific Northwest service area from either a customer’s location or from our own warehouse. At Senvoy, we can store, pick, pull and deliver any type of product from small and large machine parts to auto, electronic, and computer parts.


Senvoy: Routed Delivery Services

We move work between branch offices, from vendors to their customers, between professional services providers and their clients, and between medical offices and their laboratories. Efficient, far-reaching, and cost-effective, the Routed Systems of Senvoy have been developed to meet the needs of our customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Senvoy: On Demand Delivery Services

All regional and national deliveries are supported by scheduled airline, charter air carriers and other Senvoy surface transportation resources, guaranteeing that our On-Demand team can handle any delivery, anywhere, on time. Utilizing the latest in "Artificially Intelligent, Automated Dispatch," our On-Demand team boasts a 98% on time service record, while handling an industry-leading average of more than 800 expedited deliveries per day.


Senvoy: Warehousing and Distribution Services

Senvoy’s centrally located Portland warehouse, with easy access to both I- 5 and I-84, allows us to receive, process, store, load, and ship product with efficient and affordable solutions to your freight handling needs. With an in-house inventory management system in place, we can keep you apprised of inventory levels and manage the movement of your products – from bulk, boxed shipments to small parts inventory control.