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By: Sentinel Hill  09-12-2011
Keywords: Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Invoices

The Series 5 Order Processing system, basically provides for the on-line entry, maintenance and control of your company's customers' orders of goods.  Orders may be entered manually, or interfaced from 3rd party capture systems, such as the Web.  Pick Tickets can be printed, orders billed, and invoices printed.  The system also handles orders for shipping from multiple warehouse locations.  It works directly with the Inventory Management system and the Accounts Receivable.  It is the system that offers the following functions:

  • Entry of Customers' Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Credits
  • Maintenance of Special Pricing
  • Customer Ship-To and Bill-To Maintenance
  • Printing of Pick Tickets and Packing Slips
  • Order Billing
  • Printing, and Re-Printing, of Invoices
  • Interfacing to Accounts Receivable
  • Automatic Back Order Processing
  • Historic Order and Invoice Inquiry
  • Assorted Sales Analysis Reports

Keywords: Accounts Receivable, analysis reports, Inventory Management, Inventory Management System, Invoices, Order Processing,

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Accounting Software from Sentinel Hill Software - gl main

These can be used to group selected components together to study what if scenarios or to create financial reports,, for the various aspects of the company. The Series 5 General Ledger system captures all the financial Journal Entry transactions that have been generated from your subsidiary accounting systems. These are then summarized by G/L Account to report changes to assets and liabilities for determining profit and net worth.


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The Inventory Management system may be used in conjunction with the Series 5 Customer Order Processing system in providing goods for sale to customers. A master inventory record is created for each item and an item-location record is created for each stocking warehouse. The Series 5 Inventory Management system is used to define those products that a company markets to it's customers.


Accounting Software from Sentinel Hill Software - rg main

The Series 5 Class Registration & Invoicing system would be used to manage the registration, and optional invoicing for, of training courses and lectures that a company might hold. These might be classes that are conducted either for internal staff training, or as a source of revenue. Courses are entered into the system, and may be scheduled, repeatedly, as a class session.


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The Series 5 Fixed Assets Management system offers maintenance and control of your company's Fixed Assets. It provides for the tracking of Assets for up to five different reporting entities.


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Solutions are available both to companies that are developing their own specialized applications, or to those that need only standard packages with minimal customization. All tools and products are written to operate on most operating systems, including assorted implementations of UNIX and the latest Microsoft Windows platforms.


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Invoices are automatically loaded from other Series 5 applications, may be interfaced from a user provided sequential file, or manually keyed by an entry clerk. The Series 5 Accounts Receivable system basically records your customer's invoices and their subsequent payments. A variety of related reports may be generated, along with inquiry functions for current and historic records.


Accounting Software from Sentinel Hill Software - ap main

The Series 5 Accounts Payable system, basically accumulates your suppliers invoices, manages the generation of checks, generates related reports, provides historic inquiry, and produces distributions that interface to the General Ledger system. Each A/P company may be interfaced into it's own G/L, or into a corporate G/L system. Automatically or selectively mark Vendor Invoices to be paid. Enter supplier Invoices and/or Employee expenses.