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By: Sensing Systems  09-12-2011

2d3's suite of image and video enhancement and exploitation tools, helping producers and consumers of aerial imagery capture, store, enhance and extract salient information from pixels.
Catalina is a next generation software system for capture, storage, search and retrieval with turnkey MISB compliance and open API access to the data.
AltiMap generates geo-located mosaics from sets of high resolution images aquired from airborne cameras.

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2d3 | Products | ADAS II

The ADAS II is aware of the mission being flown, the position, speed and orientation of the aircraft, and the limits of the camera itself, and controls the acquisition of imagery to satisfy the mission requirements. ADAS II controls the rate and timing of the shutter of the camera, and synchronizes the recording of the metadata from on-board position and attitude sensors like GPS and IMU.


2d3 | Products | Catalina

Catalina is a server-side software solution that provides video storage and retrieval tools along with remote access and on the fly streaming to enhancement and exploitation tools such as 2d3 TacitView via a centralized server. Capitalizing on the work of the Motion Imagery Standards Board, Catalina produces MISP Compliant Streams—metadata contained in the input stream is preserved and available in file or stream formats.


2d3 | Applications | Solutions

As experianced systems engineers we recognize that there is huge value in being able to customize, integrate and even design from the ground up while still complying with standards and not creating stove-pipe solutions. Leveraging our expertize in aerial imaging capture, sensor and payload design and vision science the Solutions Group can take your concept all the way from the whiteboard to production ready proven system.


2d3 | Products | TacitView

Connect multiple TacitView stations together to build a imagery dissemination system that allows others on your network to share the same source imagery or view the imagery created by a particular analyst. TacitView supports live connections to imagery sources, or can import archive video and still imagery from existing database and video management systems.


2d3 | Products | Tungsten

Tungsten’s versatile architecture makes it the ideal choice for integration into systems that require the capability to ingest, process, and deliver a large number of streams of video, audio, metadata, and annotation with minimal latency.


2d3 | Products | AltiMap

Release 2d3's AltiMap software on a set of images, and it will not only correlate the images in ‘image space' but if the EXIF header contains metadata about the camera GPS position during the shot, AltiMap will also geo-locate the resultant mosaic.


2d3 | Products | Solutions

Sensing is an 11 year old business that has dominated the imagery and metadata management space with its core Sensing software libraries which, among other features, enables other software producers to easily decode, encode, manage, store and disseminate video based information.