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By: Sensible Marine  09-12-2011

As well as ISM and ISO related documentation, Sensible Marine also has experience in the following areas;

  • Security assessments and security plans
  • Ballast water management plans and reporting requirements
  • Ship’s fittings requirements for Seaway transit
  • Training and familiarization seminars, onboard and/or at owners’ facilities, for operational success in transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Onboard assessment and training of officers engaged in piloting

Other products and services from Sensible Marine


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Capt. Jim Perkins has nine years experience with the St. Lawrence Seaway as a ship inspector and Chief of Marine Services. Recommendations for temporary and permanent repairs and estimates of the cost of repairs. Refloating plans and supervision and coordination of refloating and/or salvage plans. Detailed reporting of damage and situational awareness.


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He has also been employed as an expert witness in marine matters, contracted by law firms in Canada and the U.S. He has successfully completed the Transportation Safety Board’s “Human Factors in Accident Investigation” course and the “Response Management” course by Dr. Robert Kuhnle at Transport Canada’s Marine Emergency Management Course.


Sensible Marine Management Solutions Inc - ism

The two Seaway entities were the first federal government agencies to be accredited by Lloyds Quality Assurance in North America.These management systems are only sustainable if the people performing the work can buy into the concept. In 1998 Jim Perkins completed the ISM/ISO Lead Auditor Course from the Warsash Academy, Southampton, U.K. he then led the implementation teams for both the Canadian and U.S. Seaways for ISO accreditation.