By: Senatel  09-12-2011
Keywords: Telephone Companies, Flexible Rate


Senatel is a reliable and strong bridge between big market players and small & medium-size telephone companies overseas. Because Senatel is in good corperation with both local companies and big market players.
We offer flexible rate plans dependent on traffic volumes and destinations to global alliances and regional telephone companies.Traffic termination for international carriersSenatel operates on its own or in cooperation with other providers a network of VoIP gateways throughout the world. These gateways are located mostly in difficult-to-reach countries or regions and provide local termination of international calls.

Senatel specializes in providing international telecommunication services to businesses and carriers.

Wholesale Carrier Termination Senatel provides a service to carriers that have a need for high quality international voice services at highly competitive prices.

Partnerships and Exchange
We are always looking for new partners to help us expand our network in all countries a. Such partners can either be a company or individual that has strong 'in-country' knowledge, which would enable Senatel to set up a POP in their country.

Keywords: Flexible Rate, Telephone Companies,