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By: Semitec Usa  09-12-2011
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Fμ assembly - Ultra small thermistor probe -


Our Fμ Thermistor Assembly is a unique thermistor sensor utilizing a thin- film thermistor chip developed by Semitec.
It is highly suited for catheter applications with its high volume production capability, robustness, reliability, accuracy and faster response than existing thermistors.

Advantage 1 - High Volume Production -

The manufacturing process of the Fμ Thermistor is used semiconductor technology and it assures high volume production with full quality control.

Advantage 2 - Robustness & High Reliability / Stability -

The Fμ Thermistor's simple structure requires fewer mechanical joints to assemble. AWG38 lead-wires are connected directly onto the Fμ Thermistor chip without the need of any thinner lead-wires. It is also meet hight stability with glass passivation.

Advantage 3 - Precision in temperature measurement -

The Fμ Thermistor offers the highest precision in thermistors for catheter today. The tolerance of +/-3% in resistance and +/-1% in B-value is available standard.
(up to +/-0.5% in resistance is available)

Advantage 4 - Faster Response Time -

The Fμ Thermistor allows us to manufacture even smaller sensors than those existing today, and it makes the response time even better.

Configuration of Fμ Thermistor chip

The Fμ Thermistor Assembly includes the thin film thermistor which ismanufactured with a semiconductor process. This process is completely different from the existing thermistor manufacturing technology. The thin film thermistor is deposited onto an aluminum substrate.

Configuration of Assembly

Smaller size is available.

Keywords: Thermistor, Thermistor Chip, Thermistor Sensor, thin film,

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Thermistor for Catheter│Welcome to SEMITEC USA Corp

Semitec has completed the development of high accurate, robust, highly reliable with glass passivation, micro-mini thermistor sensor for catheters which has been never achieved in the field. Super small thermistor sensors" Using "Micro-mini" film-type thermistor chip. Mechanically Robust" with direct attachment of the lead wires to the chip.