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By: Seenex  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Access Control

Visitor management systems are a major part of the solution to a wide variety of building access control issues. Awareness and control of the comings and goings of visitors can be a major security problem:

Have you ever had an issue to accurately and efficiently capture and authenticate your visitor's information in your facility?

Have you tracked the amount of time that your security guard or front desk personnel spend on manually capturing and issuing visitor badges?

Have you ever had VIPs or your clients waiting in your lobby, while the guard tried to track down the person that invited them and ask for access authorization?

Have you ever had a need to get an audit trail of who visited your facility, who invited them, how long they stayed, what floors or rooms they visited, and if in fact, they left the building after closing?

Have you ever had a need to account for visitors in your facility during fire drills or emergency evacuation?

The Seenex Visitor Management System replaces the time-consuming and sometimes error prone manual login process with an automated and accurate solution with proven ROI. The Seenex VMS solution provides your organization with a highly versatile, robust, and scalable access point that enables your security guard or front desk personnel to focus on their primary responsibility and spend less time on manual login process of visitors. This added efficiency and accuracy will enable your organization to do more with less.

The Seenex Visitor Management System provides and efficient, accurate, and automated solution to capture and track the visitor’s information in your facility. Given the sensitive nature of security and safety of everyone in your facility, there is an ever growing need to have an automated and easy-to-use visitor management solution for security-conscious organizations.

Seenex Visitor Management System (VMS) in detail:

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Keywords: Access Control, Security

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