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By: Seeit Useit  09-12-2011
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It is possible to set up and run Google Adwords campaigns yourself, but a lot of businesses do not have the time to learn all about how to run one, and find it simpler and more beneficial to use the services of a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist to do this for them.

The advantages of having a Specialist set up a campaign for you is that we are experienced in running adwords campaigns, know a lot of the traps to avoid, and are able to provide you with clear and concise reporting so you can monitor the progress of your campaign. Additionally we are familiar with using tools provided by Google to research and select the optimal keywords/keyphrases for you.


The Google Adwords service has a lot of helpful features:
  • it has the ability to display your ads just in particular countries
  • you can set a budget and know Google won't charge you above that amount

Organic (or Natural) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (such as the Startup, Mid-Range, or Comprehensive SEO packages we offer) has this main advantage:

  • Research indicates that people using Search Engines prefer using natural listings in search engines as opposed to sponsored or paid listings:
  • immediate
  • handy for targeting specific countries

Ideally, and depending on your budget, a mixture of both natural SEO and PPC is a good idea. For instance, running a PPC campaign would get you some visibility in the Search Engines prior to results coming through from organic SEO.


We provide the first report to monitor your campaign's progress free of charge, and then we charge for any further reports that you would like us to compile. Or, alternatively, we can teach you how to extract a report and explain some of the terminology for a consultation fee.

Please note our pricing is in New Zealand Dollars.

Keywords: Engine Optimisation, search engine, Search Engine Optimisation, Seo,