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By: See Spot Walk  09-12-2011
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Services & Rates   plus HST
Leash-Free Nature Hike  $16
Your dog will enjoy fun, frolic and an exciting nature hike at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, benefitting from exercise, fresh air, and socialization with other friendly dogs. Shuttle service and refreshments included. 45-60 minutes.
Private Walk $20
Your dog will lead the way in exploring your neighbourhood, nearby trails and parks. This one-on-one time with your pet allows us to bond, provide belly rubs and treats. 40-50 minutes.
Pet Visits $15
Do you have a puppy that needs a mid-day visit, a cat that needs love while you're away, fish that require feeding, or a bird that would benefit from a clean cage? We will come to your home and tend to the needs of your pets so you can be worry-free. 20-30 minutes.
Early Bird $24
For those days when you need to leave the house early. We will give your dog the morning walk he loves, feed him breakfast, spend time playing and cuddling, and leave him enjoying a treat. 60 minutes.
Dinner Date $24
When you have an after-work function or appointment we'll be there to take your dog for a dinner-time stroll, feed him supper, spend time playing and cuddling, and leave him enjoying a treat. 60 minutes.
In-Home Boarding  $35/day
While you're away we'll welcome your dog as a member of our family. He'll enjoy the company of our labrador retriever, Abby, and all the comforts we have to offer, including playtime, naptime, belly rubs, treats and walks. Please inquire about in-home boarding rates for small to medium birds, and other small pets.
Additional Stuff
2nd Dog - A second dog from the same household joins in on a walk. +$10
               - A second dog from the same household enjoys in-home boarding. +$20/day
Last Minute Service - Less than 6 hours' notice. +$5
After Hours Service - Before 9am or after 5pm. +$5
Weekend Walk/Visit - Saturday or Sunday +$5
Statutory Holiday +$8
NSF $35
Serving the Oakville area since 2007
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Keywords: bird, dog, pet