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For international companies that would like to make connections with Chinese
companies, we assist you before and after you start your business. Before you start your business Doing your homework is vital when starting a new phase of your business.
Before you decide to penetrate the Chinese market, we can assist you by
  • Market research
  • Due diligence
  • Business matching

Market Research
Many companies look at the population of 1.4 billion and see it as one huge
market to be penetrated. However, don’t let yourself be caught in the trap of
ignoring regional differences. The variation between the north and the south
means that a wise company should make sure that they have done their
research before coming to China.We can help your company to conduct market research, finding out before you
go to China such critical information as who your competitors and consumers
are. We also do research to assist companies to export their products to
Canada. Due Diligence Research and analysis before acquisitions, investments, and/or partnerships is
necessary in any country. Effective due diligence will help you to avoid many
potential problems later and increase the chance for business success.We help your company to find out the background of a Chinese company, which
can include its production capability, environmental issues, products, any legal
issues, and employee situation, in order to help you make the critical decision
about whether to invest in a company.  We can assist a company not only with due diligence, but also with government
requested reports, such as environmental reports. Business Matching How do you know whom you can trust? There have been many instances of
being ripped off by a company you thought that you knew. So what do you do?
Let us do the groundwork for you to ensure that you can come up with the best
possible match for your company.We help U.S., Canadian, and European manufacturing and trade companies to
find reliable partners. After you start your business Don’t be like the couple who took seven years to obtain a licence for their dream
school. They didn’t know how the system worked! If they had consulted us
earlier, they would have been able to get the licence far sooner, saving them
much time, money, and energy.As well, there are many favourable tax policies aimed towards foreign
companies in China. However, it does not mean that all favorable policies will
be automatically implemented. Foreign companies may have to negotiate and
even fight for them. For example, one of our clients and their local Chinese
partner did not know that they were entitled to a 40% tax refund policy if they
reinvested in the province they were located in. We discovered this valuable
information for them, saving them about one million US dollars.These are just two examples of what we can do for you.After you decide that you want to expand into the Chinese market, we are able to
assist you to:
  • Deal with your local business partner(s)
  • Negotiate with the local Chinese government
  • Promote your business through our networks
  • S olve issues you may have
  • Conduct training programs

Other services If you require other services, please e-mail us so we can discuss the possibility
of tailoring a program to suit your needs.
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Keywords: Market Research