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By: SECUREWORKS  09-12-2011
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Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection is a highly effective layer of security you can implement to protect your organization from unauthorized access. Many devices promise to provide this protection. However, it is difficult for most organizations to respond to alerts, apply continuous updates, hire and train staff, and provide vigilant monitoring 24x7.

Our customers have found it more effective to augment their staff with our team of certified Security Analysts who focus exclusively on security. Our Analysts leverage our industry-leading threat visibility across thousands of customers around the world to identify and protect your network from emerging threats.

: "IDSs [intrusion detection systems] have failed to provide value relative to its costs and will be obsolete by 2005." (Gartner, "

Gartner Information Security Hype Cycle Declares Intrusion Detection Systems a Market Failure


: "Our adversaries are very adept at hiding attacks in normal traffic. The only true way to protect our networks is to have an intrusion detection system." (Robert Jamison, Under Secretary of the National Protection and Programs Directorate at DHS)

Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Service Overview

Dell SecureWorks' Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service protects your critical information assets from existing and emerging threats. Our Intrusion Prevention and Detection System (IPS/IDS) experts will perform all management and maintenance of these devices including:

  • Signature tuning
  • Signature updates
  • Configuration changes
  • Security event monitoring
  • Performance and availability management

Dell SecureWorks' Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service supports market-leading IPS/IDS technologies including Cisco, Juniper, Sourcefire and others, as well as our iSensorĀ® IPS appliance. All alerts generated from across your IPS/IDS infrastructure are aggregated and correlated in real time. Our expert Security Analysts will monitor these alerts, eliminate false positives and escalate true threats to your organization.

Dell SecureWorks' Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service provides comprehensive reports so that you have immediate and transparent access to your security status. All reports are based on real time information and can be accessed on-demand through the secure, web-based Dell SecureWorks Portal. The Portal is the industry's leading client interface and provides you with asset-based views, trending and comparative analyses and technical reports. In addition, we generate compliance reports that identify the regulations you may be required to follow, the controls you have put in place by subscribing to our service and the evidence that you have followed those controls from data in our database.

Dell SecureWorks Intrusion Prevention and Detection Technology Service Features

  • Total lifecycle management of your Intrusion Prevention and Detection infrastructure
  • Support for all market leading Intrusion Prevention and Detection technologies
  • Protection against hacker attempts before they compromise your network
  • Continuous research and updating of attack signatures
  • Customizable escalation matrix

Keywords: Compliance Reports, Critical Information Assets, Information Security, Intrusion Detection, Network Intrusion Prevention, Security Analysts,

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