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By: SECUREWORKS  09-12-2011
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Finally, customers require a wide range of services to meet their needs. Dell SecureWorks' managed security services include:

Dell SecureWorks Security Services Dell SecureWorks Security Advantage

Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring of network Intrusion Prevention or Detection Systems.

Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring of Firewall appliances.

Full lifecycle management and 24x7 monitoring Web Application Firewalls.

Expert management and 24x7 monitoring of host-based IPS deployments.

24x7 real-time analysis of logs and alerts from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other key assets by certified security experts.

Automated aggregation, correlation and analysis of log data from security devices, network infrastructure, servers, and other key assets.

Collection, archival, search and reporting of raw log data from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other log sources

Actionable information on emerging threats and vulnerabilities from the Counter Threat Unit research team.

Internal and external vulnerability scanning managed by security experts to identify and remediate exposures.

Scanning of Web applications to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

URL filtering, Web content filtering and Web policy enforcement to protect against inbound and outbound Web-borne threats.

Expert guidance and services to help you manage the security, risk and compliance concerns of Cloud services and deployments.

Guidance and expertise to help you control risk and securely support mobile devices and applications.

Expertise, processes and services to help you improve security, comply with regulations and manage risk.

Dell SecureWorks' breadth of services and industry-leading flexibility enable you to choose from a variety of platforms and service options to create the service that best meets your needs.

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Other products and services from SECUREWORKS


Network Intrusion Prevention & Detection System | IPS / IDS

Dell SecureWorks' Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service supports market-leading IPS/IDS technologies including Cisco, Juniper, Sourcefire and others, as well as our iSensorĀ® IPS appliance. Dell SecureWorks' Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service provides comprehensive reports so that you have immediate and transparent access to your security status.


Log Monitoring | Security Event Log Monitoring

Our relationship with Dell SecureWorks has provided the means and mechanisms to filter the wheat from the chaff, focusing the efforts of my organization on what matters. Performing effective log monitoring is resource intensive and requires advanced technology to process all the logs and alerts being generated by your infrastructure. Monitoring the activity occurring across your security infrastructure and critical information assets.


Security Information Management | SIEM | IT Security

With an extensive assortment of pre-built security and compliance reports as well as an intuitive reporting wizard for generating tailored reports, the Portal streamlines the reporting process and facilitates secure distribution of security and compliance information to appropriate staff, auditors and management.


Log Retention | Event Log Management Services

Provided as a hassle-free service, Dell SecureWorks' Log Retention helps organizations satisfy security and compliance requirements for log collection, storage and reporting without the management overhead and capital expense required for log management products. Dell SecureWorks' Log Retention is a cost-effective option that integrates seamlessly with other Enterprise Security Services to provide comprehensive security and compliance solutions.