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By: Securewise  09-12-2011
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In the early stages of the Internet era, organizations reacted to the need of external connectivity and security by building individual solutions in isolation from corporate strategy, from other corporate applications, and from the corporation's core business processes. Network managers introduced firewalls, remote access servers, portals, Virtual Private Networks on their network perimeter and other security devices to block the bad guys. The result has been a disparate, disconnected series of information "silos" which proved difficult to manage and were insecure.

Today, a new service delivery framework is emerging: the trusted eBusiness infrastructure. This model is built on the principle of allowing anyone, with anything, from anywhere to access corporate information only if one has entitlement to do so. Creating this high performance and trusted eBusiness infrastructure demands close coordination of both technical and management policies and procedures. It requires a flexible and adaptable set of infrastructure services for managing identity, security and the surrounding policies that define eBusiness relationships. The foundation of this new model is a solid infrastructure which:

  • integrates business strategy, technology and core business processes;
  • is built on an intelligent network and common shared services;
  • enables eBusiness initiatives; and
  • mitigates and manages risks.

Securewise's framework for Unified & Secure Access Management Strategy.

Over many years of architecting eBusiness strategies, Securewise has developed and refined an eBusiness infrastructure framework, or model, that is the foundation for meeting today's business challenges. We call this framework Networks Without Borders since flexibility dictates that potentially anyone may have access to corporate information from anywhere.

When architecting for corporate information access, on one end we have users (full/part-time employees, transient users, partners, customers) and on the other end, information distributed across the organization and stored in various forms. Note that we do not distinguish between employees and other users. What we need is a set of organizational policies and procedures and the technology to enforce them. Our framework has four major components or layers:

  1. The Smart Security Layer which is the first level of defense to corporate resources. Corporate polices and procedures are the foundation of this layer and also includes traditional security services such as firewalling.
  2. The Presentation Layer, which is most commonly comprised of an Enterprise Information Portal (or Thin Client solutions) that provides personalized views of distributed corporate information.
  3. The Identity Management Layer acts as the control layer and manages the organization's policies. This layer is composed of a number of shared services such as registration, provisioning, authentication (password, PKI, etc.), authorization, and audit mechanisms.
  4. The Business Integration Layer is a set of business rules and procedures governing information access and presentation.

These components usually already exist in many organizations. What is missing is the clear definition of business objectives and the integration of the various technology silos. Securewise can be your partner to evaluate your current infrastructure and provide you with the roadmap and implementation services to receive the maximum returns from your existing technology investments.

We specialize in security services and in extending your community of interest (business partner integration) through our three main integrated service categories: 1) Smart Security; 2) Identity Management; 3) Enterprise Information Portals.

Please call us for a FREE half-day workshop to evaluate your current infrastructure and provide you with a gap analysis for implementing an eBusiness Infrastructure that meets your corporate business objectives.

Keywords: Security Services