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By: Seaside Home Checks  09-12-2011
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All services are provided by Seaside Home Checks professionals. We provide , , and . Do you need ? Tell us what your needs are and we’ll work with you to develop a service to meet them!

There are NO FEES charged by Seaside Home Checks for the two (2) administrative visits to set up the contract or return your keys.

Basic Home Check Services (includes Plant care):

  • Attend at your property at various times throughout a 24 hour period, or on a schedule tailored to your individual needs.
  • Inspect the exterior and interior of your property including windows and doors, ensure fridge/freezers are running, flush toilets, run the faucets, check breaker, turn on and off lights and ensure the furnace is working.
  • Remove any litter, leaves or debris from entry ways.
  • Collect paper, flyers and notices from your front door.
  • Collect mail.
  • Place lights on 24 hour timers. Loaners are available.
  • Reposition vehicles and alternate window curtains or shades to give that ‘lived in’ look.
  • Maintain and water a maximum of 10 plants as per your instructions.
  • Maintain a visitation log at your home.

Additional Services Available as per our Policies:

  • Home Waiting services to provide access to your home as necessary in your absence should there be a requirement, such as;  to wait for or remain with a contractor or service provider, home sit for short periods due to absence for wedding, funerals, emergency calls.
  • Arrange for any emergency repairs based on your instructions.
  • Purchase six basic grocery items for an easier home arrival.
  • Forward mail to your home away from home.
  • Maintain and water your plants in excess of 10 as per your instructions.

Basic Home Check plus Pet Sitting Services:

This service is the ideal solution when you will be out of town for the weekend or longer.  All the Home Checks Services, PLUS Pet Sitting.

  • Service includes 20 minutes with the pet, including a short walk or play in the backyard, feeding and care.
  • Your pet will receive fresh water and food on a schedule you provide. If your pet is on medication, we will administer as prescribed.  We will continuously assess your pet's health and take immediate action if we suspect that your pet is ill or injured.
  • We will scoop out kitty litter waste and provide waste management services.
  • We will transport your pet to your veterinarian for immediate medical attention.  We will purchase necessary pet food and supplies during your absence if required.
  • Pet care for dogs is a minimum of two visits per day. Asking your dog to “hold it” for 12 hours will be tough; trying to hold it for longer will be impossible!

Additional Services Available as per our Policies:

  • Addtional time with your pet.
  • Caring for more than two pets.

Seaside Home Checks adheres to the ‘Pet Sitters Recommended Quality Standards’

Pet Sitting Services:

No need for the security checks?  Just need us to care for the pets?  We can do that too!

These are the same high quality services already discussed!  This is the ideal solution for the busy professional, household on the go, or because of unforeseen circumstances that limit your ability to care for your pets. We will provide 20 – 30 minutes tailored to your pet’s needs.

Please note: we only walk non-aggressive dogs that are trained on a leash.

Additional Services Available as per our Policies:

  • Addtional time with your pet.
  • Caring for more than one dog.

Commercial / Institutional Security Checks:

Also for Your Consideration:

  • Arrange for a permanent digital inventory record of your property and home contents.
  • Additional services can be arranged for: shopping, restocking of food or other services on request for those individuals who might be house bound due to illness or injury.

Keywords: Dogs, pet, Pet Sitting