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By: Sdi Media  09-12-2011
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What We Do

Worldwide translation and adaptation

With our own studios in Europe, Asia, and the Americas—and partner facilities elsewhere—SDI has the greatest breadth of operations of any company in our industry, enabling us to service major media businesses in all regions of the world, in all of the world's languages.

Faster turnaround
Our 750 full-time personnel—and network of more than 7,000 language experts—give us the depth of talent to handle simultaneous deadlines. We also offer 24/7 website moderation and monitoring services worldwide.

Simpler management
SDI's centralized account management means you can deal exclusively with a single point of contact, yet you can be sure we have all your territories covered. Our project managers use customized digital workflow tools to maximize efficiency and minimize delivery costs.

An eye for detail..
Since we control every stage of the process, we can guarantee the level of quality we deliver. Quality controllers oversee teams of translators to ensure accuracy, consistency, and any other requirements you specify.

..and an ear for nuance
Languages are constantly evolving. So we make sure we stay up to date with the latest expressions in your target territory—essential when it comes to slang. The result? Translations which come alive with all the flavour of the original.

Our experienced native-speaker linguists live in their translation territory, ensuring a direct link to the local popular culture, politics, and current trends.

How we do it

We have the talent, technology, and track record to be your comprehensive localization partner.

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