Multiplicity as a business management solution

By: Sda Software  09-12-2011

All businesses are created in a unique manner. Each business is a complex system of relationships, people, and deadlines that work together to achieve a given objective. As a business grows, complexity of the business management multiplies and becomes a detailed layer of intricate work. To ensure smooth operations, maintain production, and deliver scheduled profitability, it is very important to closely monitor and manage the processes.

Multiplicity, as a business management solution, supplies you with comprehensive management capabilities, including:

Multiplicity provides this functionality using Plug-ins.
Here is a list of major Plug-ins:

  • Your business can setup modules into operational detailed work centers, which allows business growth and development. Each working area can be a “Work Center” as it is structured in your business. Multiplicity automates all operational data workflow processes into “Work Center”. This allows your company to set up all operations, and or, tasks relevant to that process. Multiplicity then links them together within the workflow manager. Processes are then monitored by our software, which eliminates errors.
  • Forms Builder designs your working processes into “User Screens”. It provides WYSIWYG environment, which could be used by experienced users to customize the system. Create as many forms for different job or process types as needed to capture information. Your company can now design custom screens to meet your data input needs.
  • This module is an easy drag-and-drop graphical interface, which will allow your company to model a business workflow. Your company can associate unlimited numbers of templates linking them with every process. Multiplicity can specify turn-around times on every step of the routing process.
  • Multiplicity allows a unified interface to view, and or, capture information about work done on every step of the process. Operators can view all available jobs ,and or, processes in a queue. Multiplicity can be configured to notify an operator when new jobs appear on their queue via e-mail or a popup message. A simple clock on /clock off feature will capture time spent on all operations up to a second. All information about a job is available here including detailed history. When a user completes a task, then the job is routed to the next step automatically.
  • Multiplicity monitors the status of every process inside the workflow. This module identifies late and "hot" processes with detailed history to changes in priorities, jobs and or processes. Control your business processes remotely sitting at your desk. Filter all processes by projects, clients, or property. Configure your console to show processes only of your interest generate reports from this console and configure the module to track any custom work or data.
  • Ad-Hoc query tool, used to display in a grid or calendar format schedules for selected jobs/processes in selected areas. Use this module to detect and resolve scheduling conflicts. Multiplicity creates unlimited number of schedule configurations for different departments or groups of people according to their business roles.
  • Include: Project maintenance, Client maintenance, User maintenance, Calendar maintenance, and Reporting module. These modules help you automatically maintain and report all processes.