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September 12, 2011

District Parent Advisory Council

Superintendent’s Speaking Notes

  1. Welcome and Thank You

We really appreciate your interest, donation of time and expertise in the service of students and school.  You are a valued partner!

  1. Strike or “Job Action”

As a district: “We respect the right of the union to engage in labour relations activities.  We expect the union will respect our responsibility for student learning and safety and our right to run the organization.”

We have a well defined concern/dispute resolution process and the union president and superintendent have established a direct communication protocol.

  1. School Organization

Population estimate for the district is 12 800 students (7 200 elem + 5 600 sec).

School start-up has gone very well.  It is usual to see some enrolment fluctuations in individual schools and as a result, class re-organization.

This is also the time of year where we are heavily involved in monitoring class size and composition.

K 1-3 4-7 8-12
Class Size Max. 22 24 30 30
District Class Size Avg. 19 21 28 30

There are many secondary school challenges at this time of year as a result of new registrations and transfers: ie. Course schedule building and student support programming.

  1. District Website

Our website will be updated later this fall.  Improved communication is our goal!

Back to School information regarding strike action, healthy relations, safety, bus safety and nutrition is available on the front page of the district site as well as on each school website.

Superintendent’s blog coming soon!

  1. Government Education Direction

Five areas of focus:

Teacher Excellence

New Teacher Regulation.

New Collective Agreement

Flexibility and Choice


Class composition and allocation of resources.

Learning:  Curriculum and Assessment

More flexible reporting.

Building competences into curriculum.

New performance standards.

New approach to assessment.

Learning:  Technology

Anywhere, anytime access for teachers.

Infrastructure expansion.

Economies of scale.

Accountability and Open Government

New approach to access to data.

New accountability framework.

Greater transparency on our part – post meetings, minutes, and track to enhance awareness for all partners.

** many actions begin immediately – part of a three year programme

** optional provincial exams – now eliminated

The challenge for education today is to educate many more students to much higher levels of accomplishment, in a broad variety of areas, than ever before.                         (Ben Levin, 2011)

Keywords: school, secondary school

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The job action is directed at administration, but it will touch others with the union’s decision to not issue report cards, hold meet-the-teacher nights, supervise detentions, collect money from students for any purpose, help organize school photos or administer standardized tests.


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Dome Creek Community Hall McBride Village Office Regional District of Fraser-Fort George office. Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Office Blackburn Community Centre. Reid Lake Community Hall Nukko Lake Elementary School. Director – Electoral Area A Ness Lake Community Hall. West Lake Community Hall Beaverly Elementary School. Malaspina Elementary School 7900 Malaspina Avenue.


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Declining enrolment has ended in BC as a whole – there were 2500 more students this year and 290 less teachers – this means class sizes are up. DPAC Executive: Don Sabo, Steve Shannon, Sarah Holland, Dennis Fudge, Chris Finke. Expenditures ahead – BCCPAC Spring Conference – will come out of gaming grants. Adoption of March Minutes: Motion by Pineview/PGSS: 2nd by College Heights.


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Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 6, 2011 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre. Raj works with schools and organizations across Canada to resolve conflict effectively. Raj Dhasi is a senior Conflict Management Consultant with Turning Point Resolutions. Education Services Committee Report- Stephen Shannon (Alternate: Dennis Fudge. Policy/Governance Committee Report - Don Sabo.


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All DPAC members currently fulfilling the function of DPAC reps for their schools or serving as a DPAC executive member will be able to apply to be a DPAC delegate, including members of the delegate selection committee. E) In the event that DPAC has travel reimbursements available yet cannot send sufficient delegates to use the funds, the unused portion of travel subsidies will be offered to member PAC’s.