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By: Scuffed Boots  09-12-2011
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In my head I’m a designer of all things pretty. Most of you know my post secondary training was graphic arts, so that covers the graphic design.

Then there’s the fashion design. At one small point in my life, I wanted to be a dress and costume designer, pre grade 12 prom. That’s when I bought oodles and oodles of prom magazines, and poured over dresses. However, job opportunities tend to lack in that department, and well I have zero patience for sewing. So that was a no go. I did however have one co-creation, my grade twelve prom dress was made by my mom, from a sketch done by me. My dress colours were hot pink and orange. guess where my Scuffed Boots colours were inspired from? Ha.

Now that my life has moved into post education/grown up life, my inner designer is constantly redesigning interior spaces. My tv is constantly on HGTV. Every week I watch the early episodes of Sarah 101, Dear Genevieve, and try to catch Marriage Under Construction and Income Property. It’s my creative pep talk in the middle of the day. Colour schemes for my current design projects come from paint swatches, wallpapers inspire background patterns. Each design part of my life helps the other, complimenting each other like puzzle pieces.

So when I was getting ready for the 2011 Gala Expo held on February 20th, at the Moncton Coliseum, I was pumped. This is when I get to combine the interior design with the photography with the graphic design. And I did it the right way from the start. New business cards, new marketing material, new samples. I didn’t do a last minute design and print job the night before. Even though I spent 3 days having panic attacks because all of the boxes were on delivery trucks and delayed because of weather, the visual design was done early, and I could focus on the interior design.

So here’s the run down of my booth. The first boxes to arrive were two beautiful new canvas samples, both a 20″ x 30″ inch. Most of these were taken with my iPhone, but I wanted to document things a bit better this year.

And last but not least, my new business cards, marketing material and album sample arrived the Thursday before the show. The sample album and cards will have their own blog post following this, but here’s an iPhone shot for now. And yes, those little shaped cuties ARE my new business cards. The new stitched floral pattern is inspired by my cowboy boots, and stitching on a lot of wedding dresses.

And there you have it! The makings of a Scuffed Boots Booth. Here’s some shots of the finished product set up at the Coliseum. So happy with how it all turned out. Few things to change for next year, but really, I doubt I’ll ever keep anything the same for every trade show. Oh and cushion backed vinyl in a hardwood print = best idea ever. Seriously that stuff rolls out like a rug! Thanks to everyone who dropped by, it was an awesome show and a HUGE turn out for a snowy day.

Well, it’s the end of a lovely Sunday. My back hurts from hard concrete floors, my toes have blisters on top of blisters, and I’m trying my hardest to keep my eyes open as I right this I’m so tired. But it was all worth it!! And for those of you who were there, you know why!

Taken with my iPhone as I forgot my camera at home. Ha, only the photographer would forget her camera.

Our lucky winner was Renelle Leger! Congratulations to her!

You’ll notice a bit more activity around here this week. Updating, adding more portfolio examples, so on and so forth.

… and now is it too early to start planning for next years?


I managed to spend some time with the Klub on Saturday and snapped some shots.

The Bike Klub with guests Rob and Tim, posing with Roxanne.

Some creative brainstorming.

Rob starting Roxanne’s tank. Probably one of the coolest processes to watch.

Tim teaching some of the club some welding techniques.

Another photoshoot with the Bike Klub is planned for later this month as well designs for vinyl display banners, as they prepare for the

at the Moncton Coliseum. Keep checking back for those pictures.

So, my blogging is a little backlogged…. as we are now August and I’m going to write about an event that was held in May…. However, I still wanted to share this event with you all, just to shine a light on these super cool animals.

I mostly do equine photography, and some cattle photography as I own beef cattle… but never Alpacas. But I’m always up for new things. And let me tell you, Alpacas are a pretty cool animal. So a little run down on the event, they did the normal breed classes. judged on conformation AND the quality of the fibre, which was really neat to see. They also had youth classes on Sunday afternoon which had kids maneuvering young cria (see I even picked up some of the lingo!) through a pretty intense trail pattern, as well as some showmanship classes. There were also demonstrations on shearing and alpaca photography, as well as booths set up with products made from Alpaca fiber. I tried to get some shots of everything just because there were so many things going on at this event. Congratulations goes to the show organizers, and all the Maritime alpaca breeders that came out! Now onto the pics!

Caroline and Rob of with their winning herd!

Left: Close up of alpaca fibre, unsheared. Right: Fabulously made alpaca yarn shawl, part of the silent auction

The colors of this hand painted alpaca yarn is so vibrant!

Left: One of the alpaca’s on display. Right: Junior Youth competitor posing with her cria.

Keywords: Photography

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This would be the last chance we’d get to shoot Monique and Geoff’s engagement pictures, just in time to get a guestbook back for their July wedding. That same little smirk you had when I was taking these pictures and you said “but I don’t know how to smile”. I already miss your stories from trades class with the boys, and yes even a bit of the stories of Blue. Editing these shots I burst out crying probably 4 or 5 times.


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