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By: Scuffed Boots  09-12-2011

I love when couples have a plan. For something a little different. Marcel and Celine’s wedding is not until next year, but we did their engagement session very soon after they booked me. Why? Because this super couple wanted pictures on their boat. Yes please! Here are some of my favourites!

It was pouring. The day before had been the nicest day we’d had in about 2 weeks, and yet again, it was pouring. Pouring so yard that the valley in my backyard was white, I couldn’t see across, like it was full of fog. Awesome. This would be the last chance we’d get to shoot Monique and Geoff’s engagement pictures, just in time to get a guestbook back for their July wedding. Not to mention a beach engagement pictures. No cover if the torrential rain came back.

Monique and Geoff, thank you for these shots. Thank you for not bailing because of chances of rain!

I hadn’t seen Sally or Bryan since the day of our graduation. That day, we were all just a bunch of scared kids, sitting on that big stage, all getting ready to step into the next big adventure life was going to throw at us. How your suppose to know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, no one yet has the answer to. I thought I knew what my plan was, and photography wasn’t even part of it. Surprise, more then 5 years later, that apparently was the entire plan.

So when Sally contacted me just after Christmas about getting engagement pictures done, and mentioned it was Bryan she was engaged too, that was another surprise. I didn’t know they were even together, let alone engaged. But these two know their plan, and their plan is each other. Bryan and Sally are one of those couples that make you melt just looking at them. There was no stress, there was no worry, it was just them, in front of the camera, being them. And there was not a trace of that scared kid look we all had years ago, or how cold they were after running around the woods with me for these.

I cannot wait to shoot this wedding later on this year, and I already know how great the pictures are going to be. Enjoy these!

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Well, we all blinked and it’s now 2011. Amazing how that happens so fast isn’t it. 365 days sounds like a huge amount of time. Remembering back to January of last year is like remember decades ago, and at the same time feels like it was just last week.

Every year in review post on every blog has something along the lines of “What a crazy year!” or “Wow so much has happened”. I didn’t want to be that blog, but really every year is that crazy. And every year, that much happens.

I’ve collected a bunch of images from all through 2010. Some I’ve blogged, some I haven’t. Some are work work, and some a personal photos. But this was my year, in a blog post, celebrating Scuffed Boots Photography.

<3 Bring on 2011.

PS – These aren’t in any particular order. Just the way the cards fell on the table. :)

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On a farm, outdoor, the chance it may downpour right during the ceremony but it doesn’t and you get gorgeous pictures with no bright sun kind of real farm wedding. I was so hoping for Katie and Chris’s sake that the rain would hold off just until we were done their portraits. Now, on average, my brides and grooms contact me about 6 – 8 months in advance.


The Wedding Album – Moncton Wedding Photography

A white photo album, with gold or silver ornate designs on the front, and inside some slip in matted photos, maybe like 10 or 15 shots. That’s my parents wedding album, and the standard when it came to albums before digital photography.


Design | Scuffed Boots Photography

I just finished my last horse show of the season yesterday, and now it’s time to start thinking about what to do with all those pictures. It was a poster that the BMHS Bike Klub sold at the Atlantic Motorcycle and ATV Show at the Moncton Coliseum this past weekend. 8×10 Collage created to use as a Calendar page in the NB Appaloosa Breeder’s Calendar. I designed this show banner for the photo booth that I had set up in one of the barns.


Grad | Scuffed Boots Photography

Almost eighteen years ago I was picking wildflowers with Kate, making the biggest bouquet I think either of us has ever picked, for mom. I already miss your stories from trades class with the boys, and yes even a bit of the stories of Blue. Because you, my dear little brother, decided you needed to have fireworks every year on your birthday.


Shoots | Scuffed Boots Photography

This would be the last chance we’d get to shoot Monique and Geoff’s engagement pictures, just in time to get a guestbook back for their July wedding. That same little smirk you had when I was taking these pictures and you said “but I don’t know how to smile”. I already miss your stories from trades class with the boys, and yes even a bit of the stories of Blue. Editing these shots I burst out crying probably 4 or 5 times.


Equine | Scuffed Boots Photography

These are some of my favourite equine shoots I’ve ever done. Lameque was something I’d never experienced before. The horses, the grounds, and the people!.


Events | Scuffed Boots Photography

There were also demonstrations on shearing and alpaca photography, as well as booths set up with products made from Alpaca fiber. Now that my life has moved into post education/grown up life, my inner designer is constantly redesigning interior spaces. The Bike Klub with guests Rob and Tim, posing with Roxanne.Some creative brainstorming.Rob starting Roxanne’s tank.