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20 3/4” x 24 1/4” framed. Germany. June 18, 1919. Wonderful hand drawn and hand colored illustration fills more than half of document. The image depicts an eagle perched atop an American shield with the insignia of the 3rd Division at its center. Behind this stand American, British, French and Italian flags. Roses drawn at both the bottom left and right. Above the illustration a banner reads, “Co A 3rd Amm. Tn.” Below this illustration, A.O. Downing, the company’s 1st sergeant, writes the following tribute to Lieutenant A.H. Sayce, company commander: “Presented to 1st Lieut. A.H. Sayce, as a remembrance by the men of Co A 3rd Am. Tn. An officer who always worked for the benefit of every man. Who was with us the night of July 14, 1918. An Officer we will never forget for the good he has done. An American Gentleman and Officer, Signed for the Company by A.O. Downing 1st Sergeant.” The 3rd Division’s arm patch is mounted to the left of this text and printing to the right of the text reads: “Designed and Painted by the men of the Co. A 3rd Div. Amn Tn. U.S. Regular Army at Naunheim German Army of Of [sic] occupation and presented to 1st Lieut. A.H. Sayce Company Commander on his Departure June 18, 1919.” Activated in November 1917 at Camp Greene, North Carolina, the 3rd Division went into combat for the first time eight months later in trenches of France. While engaged in the Aisne-Marne Offensive, the 3rd earned a lasting distinction and the moniker “Rock of the Marne.” As other units defending Paris retreated, the 3rd Division, positioned on the banks of the Marne, bravely held its ground. Losing many men during this successful stand, the division was highly praised by General Pershing, who said their performance on July 14, 1918, was one of the most brilliant in the U.S. military’s history. This unique piece provides a wonderful reminder of the Great War, highlighting the bravery and brotherhood of America’s servicemen.

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