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By: Scott Grundfor  09-12-2011
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When the time comes to transfer ownership of your collectible automobile, we can assist in all the details of the transaction. From consignment and advertising to transportation, let our experience and industry relationships guide you to finding the right buyer for the highest market value. By properly preparing and presenting your car, we can minimize the time and effort needed to place it with its new owner. Scott Grundfor Company has been serving the collectible car market for 30 years and as such, has the expertise to facilitate the sale of your car.

Marketing Your Car Under Consignment

Private Sales

Our goal is always to get maximum profit for those who consign their classic automobile with us. Often times it is best to sell privately in order to avoid large fees from auction houses which can run up to 20% of the sale price.


Under certain circumstances if an auction is the best venue for sale, we can advise which auction would be the best option to maximize sale price. Additionally, if we represent you at auction, we can negotiate the normal auction seller’s fee from 10% to 6% because of our established status as a known dealer.

The Importance of Preparation For Sale

In order to get maximum value out of the sale of your vehicle, it is critical to prepare the car properly. Because of our in house restoration and repair capabilities, we are well equipped to take care of all your cars preparation needs. Typically, and for minimal expense, the proper professional preparation of the automobile can in many cases result in a 10-30% upswing in the sale price. For example, a Gullwing we recently facilitated the sale of had a private sale asking price of $695,000. The best offer the owner received before bringing the car to us was $625,000. The owner then sent the car to us, we performed our preparation process for sale, and because of the detailing and sorting out we did on the car (which amounted to less than $5000 in cost) it was able to sold for $740,000. Professional preparation is imperative.

Our Standard Consignment Fees

Our standard commission is10% of the first $100,000 and 5% of the remaining value of a sale. Broker fees are included in the final sale price of the vehicle and are typically paid directly to Scott Grundfor Company by the buyer with the remaining balance paid directly to the seller.

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Keywords: automobile, Car , Car Market, Classic Automobile

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