Domain Name Rules - Choosing a Domain Name

By: Scott Clark  09-12-2011

We have access to several exclusive domain name sources to help you find the name that will get customers excited, often at street price.  We’ll also help coordinate your effort with the acquisition of a quality toll-free number to match.

The decision about what domain name to use for a website is almost always taken far too lightly.  The impact of this decision can make or break a website effort, so, like laying a quality foundation for a home, you must do this part right.

After a name is acquired, we’ll manage the renewal, transfer, and updating of your name for hassle-free ownership for a minimum fee.

10 Domain Name Rules

1. If you’re a business, forget anything except a “.com” name.
2. Make sure your domain name can be easily read over the phone.
3. Make sure your domain name can be remembered 24 hours after it’s read.
4. It’s okay to use functional names instead of your corporate name in many cases, but make sure to go ahead and register both.
(e.g. instead of
5. Never let a web designer put themselves as owner of your domain name.  It’s okay to have them listed as the admin or tech contact.   If you feel your web designer is holding your name hostage, contact a lawyer.
6. Make sure your domain name is locked at the registrar after you’ve registered it.
7. Consider requesting ‘private’ registration to reduce spam, but be aware that there’s some evidence that Google ranks these sites lower than others.
8. If you plan to use keywords in your name, separate them with dashes, and then register the version without dashes  (e.g. and but don’t use a long name like because that looks very spammy.
9. Keep your records up-to-date, especially if you move your company, website, or change your email address.
10. If someone has registered your name and is squatting on it, fight it.  Squatting is illegal.

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