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By: Scorda  09-12-2011
Keywords: Technical Support, engine, Industrial Automation

The fast growing complexity of modern industrial automation systems is reflective in the increasing ratio of development costs versus capital costs. Surveys indicate this ratio is quickly growing with development costs often 2-10 times more than capital costs. Also due to the growing system complexity, end users are facing more and more operation and maintenance costs and longer down times.

Our innovations and technologies focus on cost effective solutions for system development as well as technical support for operations and maintenance.

Our VeriSpecs platform, evolving CADD (Computer Aided Development and Design) modules, and our innovative engineering methodologies can dramatically speed up the system prototype and certification process and reduce system development time and costs. Our technologies of formal specification together with automated verification and validation play the most important role throughout the system development cycle. VeriSpecs platform supports system level partitioning, built-in specification modules, built-in verification and validation modules automated verification and test plan, system engineering documentation, version control, system level simulation, built-in toolboxes, and many other features. These features enable many benefits including streamlined development process, analysis and debug at earlier stages, V&V reports ready as soon as implementation completed.

Scorda provides both on-line and off-line technical supports for system operation and maintenance, by monitoring performances and trends, predicting component faults and system failures, early warning and maintenance suggestions, trouble shooting and event investigations. Again as for system development solutions, our VeriSpecs technologies play the most important role in our technical support services.

One application of out technical support solutions is aircraft engine diagnosis. Our on-line solution for engine diagnosis is our Real-Time Trending software, which implement comprehensive specification of both static and transient performance together with real time parameter identification criteria and algorithms to generate engine condition and warning reports automatically. Meanwhile we provide off-line remote engine diagnosis to assist trouble shooting and investigation of complex engine problems.

Scorda Remote Engine Diagnostics (RED) service combines engine performance specification and automated verification expertise as well as our our industrial experiences with trouble shooting engine field problems based on data recordings. We conduct intensive data processing and analysis and provide customers with quick and accurate operational support. Our RED services enable the aircraft operators to schedule optimal maintenance and logistical plans.

Keywords: engine, Industrial Automation, Industrial Automation Systems, Technical Support

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The controls toolbox includes control design tools such as simplified application models, optimal control design, model reference adaptive control design, parameter identification, etc. Drivers toolbox describes static and dynamics performances in formal language.