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By: Scorda  09-12-2011
Keywords: Industrial Automation, Toolbox, Industrial Automation Systems

Our products continuously focus on the infrastructure and the associated toolsets for system development and maintenance, instead of focusing on system design, test and instrumentation. Experienced with various applications and knowing the natures of system development cycles  for industrial automation systems, we implement innovate development process based on our 8-level model, and introduce our generic applicable infrastructure and toolsets to simplify the design process and enable engineers focus on their expertise rather than repeatedly documentations and coding.

Our products under development include both software and hardware. The software products include VeriSpecs platform and CADD toolsets such as Specs toolbox, V&V toolbox, component drivers database, controls design toolbox, diagnosis toolbox. The hardware to be developed is a generic industrial computer with Linux based real-time operating system installed.

Verispecs platform provides an integration environment for system level specification, verification and validation. The platform enable the engineers to program, simulate, analysis, document, verification and validation of requirement specifications form mission level though operation level, performance level, regulation level, controls level and drivers level. The graphic user interface enable users to drag and play standard modules from CADD toolboxes. Programming, integration, partitioning and documentation of requirement specifications are streamlined and automated to release engineers from none-expertise workloads. Other features of the platform include version control, collaboration interface, etc.

Specs toolbox collects a set of standardized system requirement modules. V&V toolbox contains a group of verification and validation criteria and algorithms corresponding to the standardized specification modules. The controls toolbox includes control design tools such as simplified application models, optimal control design, model reference adaptive control design, parameter identification, etc. Drivers toolbox describes static and dynamics performances in formal language. Diagnosis toolbox covers algorithms for real-time fault identification, isolation an management.

RTOS is a Linux based real time operating system to be developed to meet the very critical reliability and performance requirements of industrial automation system.  GIC (generic industrial computer) is under development to be programmable, reconfigurable, reusable, scaleable, interchangeable, and general applicable.

DataView is a data analysis software to review large scale system data. With user friendly and interactive GUIs and built-in analysis tools in the software, users can retrieve and manipulate thousands variables easily and create charts in predefined formats or user defined ones. SortsData provides built-in data transform tools to import and export data to and from other data formats. DataView will be embedded into VeriSpecs platform as a data analysis module.

Keywords: Industrial Automation, Industrial Automation Systems, Toolbox

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VeriSpecs platform supports system level partitioning, built-in specification modules, built-in verification and validation modules automated verification and test plan, system engineering documentation, version control, system level simulation, built-in toolboxes, and many other features.