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By: Sciquest  09-12-2011
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Supplier management - centralized for efficiency

Comprehensive supplier enablement is critical to maximizing user adoption of your procurement system and increasing spend visibility. Yet how can you enable the suppliers that end users want and still improve compliance? That's why we built the SciQuest Supplier Network and support it with Managed Services. It's a single convenient system to bring together maximum supplier content for your organization.

The SciQuest Supplier Network and Managed Services

This robust infrastructure is SciQuest's central hub for communicating with more than 800 leading suppliers - from hosted catalog content and prices to punch-out catalogs and electronic order/invoice transmission. SciQuest's Managed Services ensure the network's integrity and support its continual growth. Access our supplier network for a low-risk, cost-effective method to quickly enable a critical mass of suppliers. At the same time, you'll free up resources for more strategic procurement initiatives.

Suppliers have access to our Supplier Enablement Services as well as to our state-of-the-art Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal is the suppliers' tool for rapid data transfer and updating catalog content. Our portal also provides complete insight into the supplier-to-buyer enablements on the SciQuest Supplier Network , aiding direct buyer-to-supplier communications in the enablement process and quick resolution of content or order issues.

The SciQuest Supplier Network provides procurement efficiency

  • Rapid enablement of a critical mass of suppliers in crucial commodity groups.
  • Access to a continuously expanding network of suppliers.
  • Continually updated product, pricing and catalog content from your suppliers.
  • Multi-commodity supplier content in hosted or punch-out formats.
  • Proven implementation methodology.

Supplier Enablement Services to activate your own suppliers

SciQuest has developed strong relationships with suppliers serving a broad range of markets. We leverage these supplier relationships to help you activate suppliers of your choice.

Supplier Enablement Services strengthen our supplier network

  • Manage supplier enablement projects following a proven, agile methodology; working collaboratively with both customers and suppliers.
  • Assist suppliers in using the SciQuest Supplier Portal, our tool for rapid data transfer and updates to catalog content.
  • Process and maintain catalog content and pricing for suppliers, if needed.
  • Validate catalog content for improved search results and reporting.
  • Work directly with suppliers to address technical challenges such as formatting, electronic connections and testing.
  • Test all supplier connections and catalogs before going live.
  • Ensure up-to-date content and pricing from suppliers participating in the SciQuest Science Catalog with communications.
  • Train suppliers in e-sourcing and educate new suppliers on the value of participating in the SciQuest Supplier Network.
  • Improve supplier relationships by visiting suppliers' sites and hosting suppliers at SciQuest events.

Keywords: catalog, managed services, Procurement, Procurement System, Strategic Procurement, Supplier Management,

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