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By: Sciencelogic  09-12-2011
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Depending on whom you talk to, the definition of "cloud computing" can vary widely. Standards bodies are now working to standardize the definition of cloud computing to clear away the marketing spin and confusion. Under the covers, the basic premise of cloud computing is simple: It is a new provisioning and support model that provides on-demand network access to a pool of computing resources.  That resource pool is “a cloud.”

Customers see the cloud as an endless supply of application, storage, network, and computing resources that are available on demand, without having to request, purchase, install, or configure them. In fact, the unit of deployment is migrating away from being a single host based on hardware to becoming a host operating system combined with an application of some sort, instanced as a virtual machine in many cases.

Business users love the cloud model because it gives them rapid mobility in responding to business needs.  For example, through cloud computing, marketing campaigns can be launched, executed, and completed before a traditional IT shop could even request, purchase, and take delivery on the servers, let alone install and set up the applications. Web developers use cloud resources to start work and testing with no long wait times.  In many cases, anything engaged more than a week is too long for development. In the future, cloud providers will offer content management applications in their service offerings.

Learn how ScienceLogic EM7 simplifies cloud monitoring.

From data centers to private clouds and public clouds – SaaS, IaaS, Web-hosted applications – ScienceLogic EM7 has cloud monitoring covered.

Bring situational awareness to your IT operations.

If you are an IT manager, you must remember that whether you use public clouds, a private cloud, or traditional IT infrastructure – you are still responsible for delivering IT services. When a business user has issues, it’s you that they are going to call. You need situational awareness.

Not everything will be deployed in the cloud. Some things are too important or sensitive to move off your network and outside of your firewall, including business-critical databases or PCI compliant infrastructure or portions of critical infrastructure.  In a few cases, all IT can live on the cloud, but for most businesses, a hybrid cloud environment is going to be the order of the day, at least for a while.

Your monitoring strategy needs to grow and adapt to cloud computing resources, applications, and infrastructure, be it public or private. And you still need to monitor legacy IT capabilities. And your monitoring capabilities must be able to span across both traditional and cloud- based IT infrastructure seamlessly. ScienceLogic EM7 is unique in that it has all of the data gathering methods, discovery, monitoring, and events as well as the integral components for knowledge management, run book automation, and ticketing / workflow.

Learn about cloud computing myths.

There are many viewpoints on cloud computing and the benefits that it provides enterprises and managed service providers. You probably have some questions yourself. In this two-part presentation, we attempt to set the record straight by debunking the top 10 myths.

Keywords: Cloud Computing

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