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By: Scenes On Canvas  09-12-2011
Keywords: Painting

Send us your reference

If the sample is selected from other publications, please indicate who is the original painter, or where it is made with a small size reference picture. Please note, you are responsible for using the image under its copyright permission.

After your reference information received, we will estimate the printing cost in accordance with your specific requests to the painting and will inform you the final painting price in 24 hours.

Make your payment

Mail the check payable to "Elenet International Ltd.",  or make payment from internet through PayPal

Make payment 50% of the price to place your order, thus your painting is on the go. The balance of 50%, plus shipping cost is to be paid before shipping since carrier cost is usually varied by the painting.

Keywords: Painting

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This price is for a single figure, with plain background, “head” or “shoulder” portrait painting. With background such as in home, or some special scenery, will be 15% addition. Estimation of total price will be given when final composition is decided. For animal or pet, there will reduce 15% from the basic price. Price for a portrait which is customized from PHOTOS. All prices are in Canadian dollar.


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All Your Scenes on Canvas

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