By: SCENAR  09-12-2011

Our array of SCENAR products includes:

  • Second generation SCENAR Devices ;
  • SCENAR and COSMODIC ® devices Accessories;
  • SCENAR and COSMODIC ® Training ;
  • SCENAR and COSMODIC ® P rintable Downloads .


Since the day the second generation SCENARs (or SCENAR devices incorporating COSMODIC ® technology) came to existence on the rise of this century, their unquestionable benefits very quickly placed them on our “top-selling” list. They stayed there ever since gradually and naturally replacing the first generation SCENAR devices.

Yes, we still like good old 97.4, RITMSCENAR, Acuscen and others. They’ve done a lot of great work for a lot of our clients. We still recommend them in some situations; only we find that these situations are happening less and less often. COSMODIC ® is just soooo awesome…

That’s what we are offering you these days.


(Device Organizing Vital Energy) – The Ultimate Home SCENAR
(or COSMODIC DOVE) and the 705 mini – The Smallest COSMODIC ®


– The Most Elegant COSMODIC ®


SCENAR and COSMODIC ® Accessories

Remote Electrodes for COSMODIC ® devices

We cannot offer you a wide variety of the remote COSMODIC ® electrodes, because only few of them are being manufactured by LET Medical.

COSMODIC ® is such a sophisticated technology that connective wires may distort the device signal to the extent that this signal can no longer be considered “the COSMODIC ® signal”.

Alexander Karasev and his team put a lot of efforts into designing the few remote COSMODIC ® electrodes (attachments) that can still give you the benefits of COSMODIC ® while extending the device placement to the difficult to reach areas.

Remote Electrodes for SCENAR-type devices

A wide selection of Remote SCENAR attachments for the fist generation SCENARs. They will make your SCENAR device do what you never thought possible and go “where no electrical stimulator has gone before”.

SCENAR and COSMODIC ® Training

The second generation SCENAR – COSMODIC ® Training

COSMODIC ® is a much more automatedtechnology than SCENAR. Most of COSMODIC ® devices practically “think for you”. Hence, it does not require extensive training. In fact, you can easily learn how to efficiently operate your COSMODIC ® device in a VIRTUAL Training – through DVDs and online instructions.

We pride ourselves with creating the ONLY comprehensive Virtual COSMODIC ® Training and Support Program in the world.

The first generation SCENAR Training

Even though we used to run regular live 2-3 day Training Programs for the first generation SCENARs for a number of years, we do not any more (since we now work primarily with COSMODIC ® devices).

We, however, still have several recordings of these programs available on DVDs and on our online Unified Education Platform – UEP.

The truth be told, we have so many of the raw footage of these programs still sitting on the shelf waiting to be edited… we feel embarrassed every time we look at the piles of DVDs. And some of them are so unique that you probably will be VERY upset with us if you only knew… (for example, the historic Training Program in the Bahamas in 1998 with Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel and Dr. Alexander Revenko – yes, the very first SCENAR Training outside of Russia and the last one Dr. Yuri ever conducted; the first ever SCENAR Training in Canada with one of the best Russian SCENAR trainers – Dr. Josef Semikatov;  SCENAR Training with Traditional Chinese Medicine  basics with one of the best TCM practitioners Dr. Michael Teppone etc.)

Well, we will release them soon, we promise. But in the meanwhile you still can get your hands on the first generation SCENAR Trainings with Dr. Irina on DVDs.


A wide selection of various programs and protocols to choose from – for both first and second generation SCENARs, as well as for the entire Healing FUSION (SCENAR, Soft LASER, SOLARIS Blanket).

SCENAR and COSMODIC ® Printable Downloads

We also have some Ebooks on SCENAR and COSMODIC ®, including Dr. Irina’s famous “The SCENAR Fair”and “How to Choose Your SCENAR Device”, as well as actual printed books that we do in-house.