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By: Scarredux  09-12-2011
Keywords: Skin Care, stretch marks

The bust line is the ultimate symbol of femininity. Pregnancy, weight gain or loss, age, or hormone fluctuations can cause changes in its appearance. The breasts, chest and neck areas are fragile and must be given specific, preventative care.


  • Young women who have gained or lost weight or have had a child, all of which affect skin firmness. When the skin has fewer lipids, it loses volume and elasticity.
  • Women who are 35 years and older. Over time, lipid levels decrease and skin becomes thinner, more clearly showing the signs of aging. The skin of the neck becomes finer and begins to droop, the cleavage area creases, the breasts lose their firmness, becoming saggy, often accompanied by stretch marks.
  • All women who have had plastic surgery on the breasts, cleavage or neck area and want to retain their improved appearance.

VoluBreastTM/MC is suitable for all of these women! Using VoluBreastTM/MC as a daily skin care regimen on the breasts, cleavage and neck helps preserve or restore beauty and a youthful appearance to these largely neglected areas.



VoluBreastTM/MC helps maximize your chest’s appearance by stimulating natural lipid storage in the skin of the breasts. This lipo-replenishmentincreases skin volume by up to 8.4%, on average(see tests below). Breasts that lookfuller, rounder and younger.WITH VOLUBREASTTM/MC, YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BRA!

Average augmentation after 56 days + 8,4%

Clinical effectiveness tests carried out on 30 women / using twice–daily applications / for 56 days / the volume of the upper area of the bust is evaluated using the FOITS technique. S.R. Innovative Products Inc. uses (over 20) ingredients in the manufacturing of its product VoluBreastTM/MC, including VolufilineTM/MC, a patented ingredient from SedermaTM/MC.

VoluBreastTM/MC increases skin’s firmness and elasticity. Tissue slackening marks will gradually disappear. Thanks to its tensor effect, VoluBreastTM/MC tightens the skin of the breasts, cleavage and neck. Your breasts will be firmer!(see tests below) Better skin tone in the cleavage area gives the breasts better support while creating a MORE ATTRACTIVE CURVE. The skin of the chest and neck will become denser and VISIBLY FIRMER.

  2% Relipidium 2% Cocktail
of amino acids
Total Lipids + 49,8% - 31,5%

*The results shown demonstrate that RelipidiumTM/MC at 2% is capable of significantly modulating the lipid syntheses of reconstructed epidermis but the amino acid cocktail at 2% is not. RelipidiumTM/MC, a patented ingredient from BASFTM/MC, is one of the ingredients (among more than 20) that S.R. Innovative Products Inc. uses in its VoluBreastTM/MC product.


Signs of aging appear not only on the face, but also on the breasts, cleavage and neck. VoluBreastTM/MC has a patented active ingredient that is remarkably effective on stretch marks. Any stretch marks that may appear on the breasts gradually fade with repeated applications of VoluBreastTM/MC(see tests below). YOUR SKIN WILL BECOME SMOOTHER, SOFTER AND YOUNGER-LOOKING, regaining its suppleness and glow. Moreover, due to its antioxidant-rich formula, VoluBreastTM/MC helps fight signs of aging.

(After 2 months of use)
Stretch mark reduction
- 72,5%

*Clinical effectiveness tests carried out on 13 women.
Results: characterization of stretch marks by ultrasound and assessment by a dermatologist. S.R. Innovative Products Inc. uses (over 20) ingredients in the manufacture of its product VoluBreastTM/MC including RegistrilTM/MC, a patented ingredient from SedermaTM/MC.

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply on clean skin. Spray generously on the breasts, cleavage and neck, morning and evening. Massage gently from the base of the breasts upward, covering the chest area all the way to the chin.

VoluBreastTM/MC can visibly improve the appearance of the breasts, cleavage and neck in 8 weeks. Its light, silky, non-greasy texture is very pleasant to the touch. Use daily as prevention and/or treatment. The active principles in VoluBreastTM/MC only affect the adipose tissue of the skin. This product has no hormonal effect and can therefore be taken during menstruation and after menopause.

CAUTION: Do not use VoluBreastTM/MC if you are pregnant or nursing. Avoid spraying in the eyes. For external use only. Discontinue use if you experience skin irritation or rash. Keep out of reach of children.

Keywords: Skin Care, stretch marks

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